Pest Spotlight: Tampa's Pesky Mosquito Problem

mosquito in garden

The fall season is here, and we finally get a little reprieve from hot, humid weather. Now that it is cooler outside, this is a great time to have outdoor picnics, family gatherings, or enjoy the evening breeze. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who want to relish this fall weather, but the mosquitoes appreciate it too! Battling mosquitoes at family picnics or while working outside is not fun. 

If mosquitoes are ruining your outdoor events, you need the Tampa pest control experts from EcoTech Pest Control Services. For nearly a decade, our highly trained team has been eliminating pests, like mosquitoes, in the Tampa area; we can stop the mosquitoes from interrupting your plans at your home. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Humans?

It may be a surprise, but only female mosquitoes bite humans. Technically, they do not bite but feed on humans and animal blood to get protein through a mouth part called the proboscis, and only the females have a proboscis powerful enough to pierce the skin. The animal or human a female mosquito feeds depends upon the mosquito species. Some feed on animals like frogs, birds, and horses; others feed on both birds and humans. Bird infections are transmissible to humans, so mosquitoes that feed on birds and humans are the vectors of pathogens to humans.

The males are the mosquitoes that don t bite since they do not require protein to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes, and female mosquitoes not in a state of reproduction, feed on nectar and plant juices for energy. 

What Does A Mosquito Do After It Has Sucked Your Blood?

When a female has finished extracting blood, she goes to a sheltered area to digest the meal and produce her eggs. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, she will relocate where the emerging larvae can develop into adulthood. One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away is to remove areas where female mosquitoes take their developing eggs to hatch. 

To get rid of mosquitoes around your Tampa property, remove or provide drainage to the following areas: 

  • Old tires
  • Baby pools
  • Children's playsets
  • Ditches
  • Ponds and large puddles
  • Birdbaths

Most adult mosquito species do not travel more than 200 yards from the breeding area, so eliminating stagnant water within that range of your home will help reduce the population. 

Can Mosquitoes Reproduce In Pool Water?

Stagnant water attracts female mosquitoes because the larva requires still water to develop into adulthood. If the pool is not used or maintained, mosquitoes can use it as a breeding ground. Using the pump a few hours of the day to circulate the water will keep mosquitoes away from the pool. 

Ensuring the pool perimeter has proper drainage, cleaning the pool after a rainstorm, maintaining the correct pH balance, covering the area when not in use, and not allowing water to collect on the cover are other ways to keep mosquitoes away.

Total Mosquito Control For Tampa Homes

For mosquito control in Tampa, you need EcoTech Pest Control Services. We offer year-round protection or one-time treatment options. Single treatments are perfect for events hosted on your property.

We will inspect your property to determine hotspots and breeding areas. We will mist the hotspots and breeding areas before the event with a single treatment if you choose the one-time treatment plan. We install mosquito bait systems if you use the year-round pest control plan. These systems attract female mosquitoes who fly into the traps and unknowingly pick up an adulticide and larvicide on their bodies which they later transfer to the breeding site. Our team monitors the snares to ensure their continual effectiveness. Contact us today and request your free quote.