The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Roaches Inside Your Tampa Home

cockroach on floor

It is unpleasant to wake up hearing someone scream in the bathroom! You run into the bathroom and hear the frantic family member shrieking, "There's a roach in the shower!" Suddenly, your blood pressure increases as you rush into the room to tackle the unpleasant guest in the shower drain. 

Having cockroaches in your Tampa home is not fun. Once you see them, relaxing in your home is no longer an option, and late-night trips to the kitchen for a snack can turn into a horror story. If you have cockroaches in your house, you need the Tampa pest control experts from EcoTech Pest Control Services. We have been delivering safe and effective pest control to the Tampa area since 2013. We know how to end an infestation of cockroaches in your home. 

Are You Struggling With A Roach Infestation?

Signs of cockroaches in your home create anxiety, and some people develop katsaridaphobia, a debilitating fear of cockroaches. These pests cause stress because they carry bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasitic worms on the spines of their body and legs. When they travel in the house, the pathogens fall off contaminating surfaces. Knowing cockroaches are in the home, crawling on cooking and eating locations and food products creates apprehension in homeowners. 

A cockroach infestation can cause allergic reactions. Cockroaches constantly defecate as they move throughout the home. Allergic reactions in some children and the elderly occur when the pepper-like cockroach droppings in your home dry and become airborne. 

If you find a cockroach in your house, you may begin to question your ability to keep a clean house. Adding to the embarrassment, a large infestation of roaches in an area may create a noticeable musty odor. For many homeowners, the thought of a guest finding a cockroach in the house is upsetting.

Cockroaches Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Rotten food, garbage, animal feces, and sewage attract cockroaches and create a petri dish environment for bacteria, viruses, and worms. As noted earlier, roaches pick up the pathogens as they walk over the infected matter.

The cockroaches spread salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli infections. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, muscle cramps, headaches, and other flu-like reactions. 

Six Simple Cockroach Control Tips 

Because cockroaches spread disease, cause allergic reactions, and create anxiety, no one wants them in their Tampa dwelling. These six tips will teach you how to keep cockroaches away:

  1. Close outdoor and indoor garbage cans
  2. Remove pet feces from the yard regularly
  3. Provide proper drainage for the lawn
  4. Dehumidify the crawlspace, basement, and attic
  5. Clean the house and wipe down surfaces after meals
  6. Seal cracks that lead into the home

Warmth, water, and food attract cockroaches to Tampa properties and houses. Removing high-moisture areas on the lawn and ventilating humid rooms in the home will discourage the roaches from remaining on the property. Eliminating clutter inside and outside the structure, combined with a regular cleaning schedule, will deter cockroaches

Professional Cockroach Control Made Easy For Tampa Residents 

If you are wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in Tampa, your search is over! When you schedule EcoTech Pest Control Services, we will examine your home and identify the cockroach species and the extent of the infestation. We will look for the entry points and the attractants to your Tampa home. 

Once the examination is complete and the information gathered, we will create a custom pest control treatment strategy using low-impact materials to protect your family and pets while killing the cockroaches and their eggs. We destroy not only existing roaches but the next generation! Once our eradication is complete, we will give you a detailed report of our success. Contact us today and get your free quote.