Steps To Take To Prepare For Fumigation In Tampa

fumigation tent on a house

Pest problems can grow out of hand quickly. The question is, what can you do when invasive insects like termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches hide deep inside your home? One popular method to address these kinds of pest problems is fumigation. Today we will be talking about what this service would look like for your Tampa home and providing you with some steps that are needed to prepare your living areas. To talk to a professional about pest control in Tampa, give our team a call today. We will walk you through our services and can schedule your home for a visit.

Pests That Fumigation Could Treat 

Fumigation is used to treat a wide variety of area pests. We resort to this method when the pest problems extend past the reach of conventional treatments. Termites are a great example of this. These wood-destroying insects infest deep into the structural wood of homes. Fumigation floods into their tunnels and eliminates these pests wherever they are hiding. Other common pests in Tampa for which we use this method include bed bugs, wood-boring beetles, and fabric/museum pests. To determine if your home needs fumigation, schedule a detailed pest inspection. This is the best way to assess your risk and it will allow our technicians an opportunity to identify the extent of your pest problems. 

Do I Need Fumigation?

Pest problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you catch an invasive species early, the methods used to get them out will be much different than if you notice an infestation after it has been active for years. Fumigation is used mainly for homes that are overrun with pest problems or when dealing with a species that hides deep inside wall voids or structural wood. It can also be used to guarantee elimination if you want to make sure your problem is fully taken care of. It all comes down to your individual needs. 

How To Prepare Your Home Or Business For Fumigation 

Fumigation is a detailed process that does require a bit of preparation on your part. Before we can treat your home, you must remove all living things including your pets and any non-ornamental plants. Any open boxes of food must be removed or stored in sealed containers. This is also true for medicines, tobacco products, and other similar items. Soak dirt areas and garden beds that are adjacent to your home. This will help with the seal for the tent. It also helps to rake away gravel and dirt that touches your home’s exterior. Finally, make sure that all interior doors and cabinets are open. This will allow the fumigant to get into any areas where pests might be hiding. If you need assistance with preparing your home, our team would be more than happy to help. Our passion is helping our community find freedom from pest problems. We are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you and your home are well taken care of.

Fumigation Services For Tampa Homes & Businesses 

In order to know if your home needs fumigation, schedule it for a service visit. Let our team at EcoTech Pest Control Services pay you a visit. We will talk you through our pest control options, assess your home for pest problems, and answer any questions you have. It really is that simple.

Call now and find out what pest control in Tampa will look like for your home. Let our team walk you through our control methods and find a plan that will best address your pest problems.