Mosquito Control

mosquito on leafSpiders are the creepiest pests. Roaches are the dirtiest, and mosquitoes are the most obnoxious. In Florida, we battle mosquitoes most of the year. Tampa is one of the 10 worst cities for mosquito infestations in the United States. Whether you own a home or a business, you know exactly how annoying and troublesome these pests are. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, mosquitoes will make your days miserable. If you own a business, you can't let mosquitoes chase away your customers. Citronella candles aren't the solution. Our pest control professionals can solve the problem by performing effective eco-certified treatments.

Residential and Commercial Mosquito Problems in Tampa

Certain areas are prone to mosquito infestations. If your property is near a swamp, seasonal stream or naturally boggy area, you will have ongoing pest problems. Man-made containers also create attractive places for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, most residential and commercial properties have dozens of areas that support these pests.

The abundance of nesting sites means that most mosquitoes stay in one small area throughout their entire lives as long as they have a source of food. For example, the Asian tiger mosquito, which is a vector for dengue fever and chikungunya, typically stays within 300 feet of its nesting area. When searching for a meal, mosquitoes can travel several miles at a time. They sense heat and carbon dioxide when they're within 100 feet of a host.

Invasive Pests and Mosquito-borne Diseases

Mosquitoes are mobile. It's easy to see how they've invaded countries around the world and spread diseases with them. The first West Nile virus case in the U.S. was reported in 1999. Now, the disease has been documented in 48 states. If the irritating bites weren't enough, there's the added worry of blood-borne diseases like Zika. Unfortunately, the big issues of globalization and public health spending can't be controlled, but you can protect your property from these bloodsucking pests.

Treatments for Controlling Mosquitoes

The extent of mosquito problems depends on how many nesting sites are in the area. First, an EcoTech technician will assess your property. We look for dense vegetation where adult mosquitoes rest. We also remove standing water that supports eggs and larvae. Then, we recommend a treatment.

Your technician will thoroughly spray the perimeter of your property focusing on dense vegetation and areas where your family or customers spend time. Even with the rain and humid summer weather in Tampa, one treatment will keep your property free from mosquitoes for an entire month. Sign up for a mosquito control plan. We'll visit your property once a month during peak mosquito season.

At EcoTech, we use natural botanical and mineral ingredients that have a low environmental impact. Each treatment eliminates target pests without endangering the ecosystem or your family and pets. Simple changes, such as removing water-filled containers, cleaning gutters and redirecting downspouts, also reduce mosquito infestations.

Green Pest Management in Tampa Bay

If you're interested in mosquito control programs or green pest management services in the Tampa Bay area, call EcoTech. We'll be glad to give you a free quote for any of our services.