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What are mosquitoes?

Florida residents are well-acquainted with mosquitoes as they have the unique ability to make our outdoor spaces almost unusable and certainly unenjoyable to spend time in. Mosquitoes are small flies that bite and feed on human and animal blood and are known vectors of debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases. The hot, humid weather and ample rainfall found around the area, area allow these pests to thrive year-round causing the need for efficient mosquito control in Tampa

mosquito sucking blood

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases like the West Nile virus, Zika, malaria, eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. The diseases they spread through their saliva make them one of the most unwanted and dangerous pests to have in our yards. Mosquitoes are also responsible for transmitting parasitic heartworms to our pets, which can be fatal.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

Mosquitoes are drawn to any area with standing water because standing water is where mosquito females lay their eggs. Any property near areas of standing water can become a place that mosquitoes live, feed, and breed. Properties near marshes, wetlands, wooded areas, ponds, and lakes tend to have large populations of mosquitoes residing on them.

Where will I find mosquitoes?

You will find that mosquitoes are most active at dusk or dawn. In order to escape the sun during the middle of the day, these insects often hide in our yards in trees, shrubs, tall grass, and under decks.

Breeding sites are where you will find large numbers of mosquitoes swarming on a Tampa property:

  • Planters and pots
  • Puddles
  • Drainage ditches
  • Piles of leaves, grass, and brush
  • Tires, buckets, and tree stumps

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

Trust EcoTech Pest Control Services with your property’s mosquito control needs. Tampa is a hotbed for mosquito activity; our professionals understand this and know how to provide the year-round services needed to greatly reduce their populations. Through inspections, the removal of standing water, the installation of the In2Care system, and monthly treatments, we will ensure that you and your family can safely enjoy your Florida yard to its fullest.

If you live in the Greater Tampa area and need mosquito control for your home or business, call EcoTech Pest Control Services today!

How can I prevent mosquitoes in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services in Tampa, protect your property from pests with the following prevention tips:

  • Keep gardens and flower pots free of standing water by not overwatering.
  • Store containers like buckets, wading pools, and wheelbarrows upside down or inside storage areas when they aren’t in use.
  • Fill in low-lying areas in your yard that can collect rainwater allowing puddles to form.
  • If you own a pool, make sure it is regularly maintained and the water is constantly circulating.
  • Screen your home’s porches and decks.
  • Maintain your lawn by mowing the grass regularly, cutting back shrubbery, and removing excess vegetation to reduce resting spots for mosquitoes on your property.

To learn more about preventing pests and our Tampa pest control services, reach out to us today! 


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