Termite Control

Protect Your Largest Investment!

termite damageMost homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover termite damage. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes each year. It is estimated that termites annually cause more damage to homes in Florida than all fires, tornadoes and hurricanes combined. That is why it is important to maintain your Annual Termite Protection Plan with EcoTech.

  • Your Homeowner's Insurance does NOT cover termite damage.
  • Termites cause about $5 Billion in damage, every year in the U.S.
  • Termites are active all year
  • There are millions of termites in a single colony
  • A termite infestation can cause you thousands in damage to your home or business

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Termite Protection Plans to Protect Your Home

EcoTech can help you avoid becoming another costly termite damage statistic. Once your FREE Termite Inspection is completed, an appropriate treatment will be recommended from any of the following:

Drywood Termites

  • Drywood Termites
  • No-Tent Termite Control
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Preventative Treatment

Subterranean Termites

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Advanced Liquid Treatment
  • Termite Baiting System
  • Preventative Treatment

Your Annual Termite Protection Plan Includes:

  • Ongoing Inspections – EcoTech will continue to inspect and monitor your home for signs of termite activity.

  • Re-treatment Program – If termites return to your home following a treatment, EcoTech will return to re-treat the problem at No Additional Charge.

Guaranteed Results with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we pledge to swiftly and effectively resolve any concerns you may have. If we’re unable to solve your termite problem, we’ll refund your initial treatment charge and any prepaid renewal.

Buying/Selling A Home

house keyWhen a home is sold, the buyer and the lending company may want to ensure it is structurally sound. In these situations, the lender requires a wood-destroying organism inspection report or WDO. Let us help you protect your property investment right from the start.

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As a buyer, you want to protect yourself from the expense and potential damage of a termite infestation in your new home. If termite damage is found, depending on the extent of the damage, the buyer can choose to either:

  • Buy the home without treatment
  • Pay for the treatment of the house
  • Negotiate the treatment or sale price with the seller
  • Cancel the contract and walk away

house soldIf you’re planning on selling your home, it makes sense to have a termite inspection done before you have interested buyers. Showing a prospective buyer evidence of a recent negative termite inspection can certainly help to seal the deal. If, on the other hand, the inspector finds termites, you will have time to eliminate the colony and make repairs before the home goes up for sale. Both VA and FHA financing require treatment if an inspection finds evidence of active termites.


  • Inform your Realtor if you have a current termite guarantee
  • Your current guarantee may be transferrable
  • Get treatment history and paperwork together

New Construction - Termite Prevention

Your company has worked hard building a solid reputation, and you can enhance that reputation with a dependable and proven company like EcoTech. We know how important time is to a builder and that time is money. We will keep you on schedule with the best response time in the industry!

Pretreat Options

Soil Treatment – EcoTech will pretreat the soil before the concrete slab is poured. This is the most common method of treatment of termite pretreatment for new construction projects.

Borate Treatment – EcoTech will treat the wood studs of the structure at the dried-in stage of construction. This product is a good alternative to a soil treatment, and also considered a green termite treatment. Builders can earn points in green building programs such as LEED for Homes.

Termite Baiting System – The termite baiting system is installed around the perimeter of the structure once all of the landscaping is completed. The system is monitored regularly and is available for new construction projects and existing structures.