How To Best Keep Termites Out Of Your Tampa Home

termite on wood

Termites are destructive. There’s no denying that fact. The termites in Tampa are some of the, if not the most destructive pests in Florida, and they are genuinely invasive, making them a considerable nuisance to remove. Termites in Tampa require special care and experience to prevent and remove them effectively. It’s essential to know how to identify termites and control them, so this guide is here to assist you.

What Are The Types Of Termites In Tampa?

Most of the termites in Tampa are subterranean termites, but there are also some drywood termites. Subterranean termites live in the soil and usually need soil-to-wood contact to enter a structure, although they can also create mud tubes to access wooden items. Drywood termites, on the other hand, don’t need as humid an environment. They also don’t need soil-to-wood contact to invade a home.

Both of these subsets of termites can be highly destructive. They can damage a wide variety of support beams and flooring items, although drywood termites are more likely to damage personal belongings like furniture. There are even certain species, such as the Formosan termite, known for being more aggressive and voracious than others.

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home In Tampa?

The answer to this question can vary quite a lot. It depends on the type of termite you're dealing with and how big the infestation is. Usually, it takes around one or two years for termite damage to start appearing around a home, and it can take up to ten years or as few as eight for a building to be destroyed.

Termite damage can often go unnoticed for long periods because termites live underground or inside wooden structures. You likely won’t see them, especially at first, so the best way to prevent termites is to get yearly termite inspections. Usually, by the time you see a termite, the infestation has been damaging your property for a while without you realizing it. 

Why Termite Control In Tampa Is Necessary

While you might think that you can get rid of termites on your own, this rarely works. Termites are invasive and can create sprawling colonies with thousands of individuals. Termites can be tough to prevent and remove, so the best way to protect your home is with the termite control experts at EcoTech Pest Control Services. Instead of trying to deal with these problematic pests on your own, let our team of termite control pros take it from here.

Is There a Way To Prevent Termites In Tampa?

Termites can be difficult to prevent. You can do a few things to make your property less appealing to them, such as installing a barrier between your foundation and the soil, removing excess humidity problems, and storing woodpiles away from the building. These steps can remove some of the factors that bring termites around, reducing the likelihood of getting a termite infestation.

But, the most effective way to prevent termites is to contact EcoTech Pest Control Services for more assistance. We provide termite inspection to catch termite activity early on, and we can also eradicate infestations.