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Get Rid Of Wood-Destroying Insects From Your Tampa, FL Home

Drywood termites are common pests in the greater Tampa area, and they are one of the most destructive pests that can get into homes. Once inside your walls, they will eat through any wooden structure they can find, from furniture to the framing elements that hold up your house.

fumigation tent around florida home

If a small, localized drywood termite infestation is within your house, it can be treated with a spot treatment. However, if the infestation has spread throughout your home or is in inaccessible areas, fumigation is necessary to eliminate the infestation in its entirety. EcoTech Pest Control Services offers both whole house tent fumigation and vault fumigation.

Benefits Of Fumigation

There are several benefits of performing a fumigation treatment over other treatment methods to eliminate drywood termites:

  • Fumigation kills all termites in your house, even in the areas that are inaccessible to other treatments.
  • Fumigation is effective at eliminating other wood-destroying pests, such as powder post beetles and old house borers.
  • Fumigation does not require any drilling.
  • Fumigation provides immediate results in just one treatment.

Fumigation Services For Your Tampa, FL Home

Whole House Tent Fumigation

EcoTech Pest Control Services provides whole house tent fumigation services using Vikane. For this treatment, you’ll need to leave your house for a few days. We will tent your entire house, fill it with a deep-penetrating fumigant, then remove the tent when the treatment is complete. This treatment will eliminate 100% of the termites in your home.

Vault Fumigation

If a whole house tent fumigation is unnecessary, but specific furniture pieces are infested with drywood termites, we offer a vault fumigation service. We will tent and fumigate the particular pieces that need treatment.

Protecting Your Tampa Home, Once & For All

If drywood termites or other wood-damaging pests have spread throughout your house, you may need a fumigation treatment to fully and effectively eliminate them. EcoTech Pest Control Services provides fumigation that will eliminate 100% of the wood-destroying pests in your house in just one treatment. Contact us today to request a free termite inspection and get started on our home pest control services.

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