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Trusted Pest Control In Tampa, FL

As one of Florida’s major cities, there is no shortage of excitement in Tampa. This waterfront community is one of the state’s top destinations both for its residents and travelers. Tampa offers premier access to the bay and Gulf coast, but there are also numerous museums, parks, beaches, eclectic restaurants and nightlife, and performing art centers. Part of living in a large coastal city, however, means experiencing pest problems such as bed bugs and mosquitoes that are driven by the environment and population.

At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we deliver trusted pest control in Tampa that is green and completely effective. Our company has been caring for our neighbors for the last decade. Each of our technicians undergoes significant background checks and monthly training to deliver the highest quality service. We are a GreenPro and QualityPro certified company that follows Integrated Pest Management methods in order to deliver green services that you can trust. To schedule your free inspection, call us.

Residential Pest Control In Tampa

When you live in Tampa, your home can encounter pest problems throughout the year. Whether that entails picking up bed bugs from going to see a movie or a simple spider problem, you shouldn’t have to handle them alone. At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we are your one-stop team for all of your pest concerns. With a decade of local pest experience, our skilled technicians are equipped to address general pest problems as well as wildlife, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and rodents. We provide monthly training for our entire team and are also QualityPro and GreenPro certified.

Whether you’re dealing with an active pest problem or want to address them proactively, just give us a call and one of our technicians will be right over to perform a free comprehensive inspection. From there, we will follow the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management in order to build a treatment plan unique to your needs. For more information on our residential pest control services in Tampa, please call us today.


How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back To Your Tampa Home

a bed bug crawling on human skin

Bed bugs are the type of pest that are very easy to bring into your Tampa home. They are parasites, so bed bugs will naturally attach themselves to a host and go for a free ride. Often, this means that the host is your personal belongings or a used couch that you wanted for your living room.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the best way to eliminate it and keep it from returning is with professional help from EcoTech Pest Control Services. Our system is as follows:

  • Inspection: To determine the spread of your infestation, we’ll scrupulously look at each room of your home.
  • Treatment: In order to completely eliminate an infestation and stop it from coming back, we spray wall voids, cracks, and sockets. We also offer the option of mattress encasement for additional protection.
  • Follow-up: Our services come with a 30-day warranty, so if any bed bugs arise in that time, we will provide re-treatments at no extra charge. Our warranty is 90 days with the purchase of mattress encasements.

For more information on our bed bug control services in Tampa, please call us today. 

Wildlife Control Made Easy For Tampa, Florida Homeowners

a raccoon hiding

The wildlife animals that Tampa homeowners may encounter are unpredictable and potentially harmful. Creatures such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and pest birds can make people feel uncomfortable, but they can also spread parasitic pests, damage property with their nests and droppings, and possibly spread health risks like histoplasmosis and rabies. Instead of leaving these issues up to chance, consider professional services from EcoTech Pest Control Services.

Our company has been dedicated to helping Tampa homeowners for the last decade. Our entire staff has been specifically trained to deal with wildlife and we provide monthly training to uphold this standard. Because we follow Integrated Pest Management methods, our work is ethical and designed to provide lasting results.

We start with a complete property evaluation to understand the root cause behind wildlife appearances. From there, we’ll set safe traps and relocate the animals once we catch them, and we’ll also install exclusion to keep them from returning. We guarantee this work 100%. For more information on Tampa wildlife control, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Tampa

At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we are the trusted name for pest control in Tampa. Our company has a decade of local experience and we perform detailed background checks on all of our staff prior to their hiring. We are also GreenPro and QualityPro certified and provide monthly training for our entire team.

In order to best serve our customers, we abide by Integrated Pest Management methods. This allows us to customize the exact treatment plan that we follow and garner lasting pest-free results for your business. Whether you’re dealing with termites, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, or other pests, we guarantee the results 100%. To learn more about our commercial pest control services in Tampa, please call us today.


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