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What are occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders like silverfish and earwigs are types of insects that live primarily outside but move indoors when the weather no longer meets their needs. Heavy rains or particularly dry weather usually drive occasional invaders into our Florida homes and businesses.

Earwigs and silverfish are common pests in Tampa, as its humid weather provides them with the moisture they need to survive.

Silverfish are insects with a tear-shaped body covered in silvery, metallic scales. They also have a distinctive three-pronged appendage that extends off the hind end.
Earwigs have a dark, long slender body that is flattened from top to bottom. A forceps-like appendage (cerci) extends from the abdomen's end and makes these insects easy to identify.

earwig on a leaf


Are occasional invaders dangerous?

Though occasional invaders typically aren't destructive or considered a health risk, they still don't belong in our homes. The presence of occasional invaders in your home often indicates an underlying moisture problem that needs solving. Most occasional invaders have high moisture needs.

Below are some of the other problems associated with these pests:

  • If disturbed, earwigs produce an unpleasant odor.
  • Occasional invaders like earwigs can contaminate stored pantry items like flour, bread, and cookies.
  • Silverfish and other occasional invaders may damage personal belongings like clothing, fabrics, and papers by chewing holes through them.
  • If occasional invaders are finding a way into your home, so can other pests.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

Occasional invaders like silverfish and earwigs move into our homes on their own while looking for more suitable living conditions, or we accidentally introduce them. When the weather is too hot, dry, cold, or wet, it will cause these pests to migrate. When living close to our homes, they often migrate inside through gaps under doors, spaces in foundations, or through areas around air conditioners or other utilities.

Occasional invaders are also regularly introduced into homes by people in things like potted plants, boxes, furniture, or newspapers that have been outside for a while.

Where will I find occasional invaders?

Damp, dark areas are most attractive to occasional invaders. Things like mulch, landscaping ties, leaf litter, compost piles, and woodpiles attract occasional invaders to outdoor spaces near our Florida homes.

These insects' indoor gathering spots often mimic their damp outdoor environments. Spaces under sinks, areas behind tubs and toilets, crawl spaces, and wall voids often house occasional invaders. It is common for homeowners to see these pests scurrying across the floor of their kitchen or bathroom.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders can be challenging to manage because they can choose to move into our Tampa area homes at any time. The best way to keep these and other pests out of your home is to put in place a year-round pest management plan. Year-round pest control services will eliminate current pest problems and prevent re-infestations.

Trust EcoTech Pest Control Services with your pest control needs, our unmatched services are guaranteed, effective, and green. If you live in the Florida and need pest protection for your Tampa home or business, give EcoTech Pest Control Services a call today!

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services in Tampa, protect your property from pests with the following prevention tips:

  • Seal spaces in your home's exterior walls and foundation.
  • Reduce excess moisture in or around your home by repairing leaky fixtures and making sure gutters direct rainwater away from your home's perimeter.
  • Use dehumidifiers to lower humidity levels in your home.
  • Maintain a barrier between any soil and mulch and your foundation.
  • Inspect items like potted plants and outdoor furniture for occasional invaders before bringing them inside.

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