Don't Let Silverfish Invade Your Tampa Home

silverfish on book

Have you ever seen silverfish around your home? These odd-looking pests are a bit disturbing, so if you see them, you may want to know what they are and if they are dangerous. Silverfish are considered nuisance pests, and they don't spread diseases to humans. They can, however, cause some property damage and be difficult to eliminate.

There are some steps you can take to keep silverfish out of your Tampa home. The Tampa pest control team at EcoTech Pest Control Services has put together a guide for identifying and removing these pests.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are probably one of the weirdest pests you'll see. They aren't very big, only about half an inch long, they share similarities in shape to prehistoric fossils. Their bodies taper off at the end and have long feelers and large antennas. Most silverfish are grayish, but they can sometimes be light brown. 

But, despite these strange appendages, silverfish rarely bite, and they don't sting. While they technically can bite just like anything else with a mouth, they usually avoid humans, and if they ever happen to bite you, it won't do any damage.

How To Root Silverfish Out Of Their Hiding Spots

Silverfish love areas that are dark and secluded with a lot of clutter. They can be found almost anywhere throughout a house, including cracks and crevices around walls and caulking. These pests especially love cool, damp places, so that you might see them near bathtubs and sinks. 

Your best bet in identifying silverfish is to look for them at night. They are nocturnal and will emerge at dark to look for food. Other signs of silverfish to watch for are feeding marks like holes or surface etchings and yellow stains on infested items. Pay close attention to where you store cardboard or stacks of paper, as silverfish love to gnaw on these items. 

What Kind Of Damage Can Silverfish Cause?

Silverfish aren't going to harm you, your family, or your pets, but they can damage your property. They aren't as detrimental as other pests like termites, but silverfish eat many things, especially protein-filled and starchy objects. They will get into the food you eat and consume everything from grains and sugars to veterans. They also eat fibers, fabrics, cardboard, and paper. 

Their ability to chew and eat through many objects means they can damage your personal belongings and your food. Discard any food they get into, even if they aren't known to spread illnesses. 

The Best Way To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home

Silverfish aren't the most dangerous pest, but they can be problematic. They are somewhat secretive and small, so it's challenging to locate where they are hiding. If you have a silverfish infestation and want to know how to get silverfish out of your Tampa home, contact EcoTech Pest Control Services for help. We offer silverfish eradication through our home pest control plans, and we can also prevent these pests from returning. Reach out today to schedule an inspection.