Why Are There Silverfish In My Tampa, FL Home?

A silverfish feeding on paper

We are used to seeing all sorts of pests around our Tampa, FL homes, from strange wildlife species like Armadillos to hundreds of different kinds of insects scattered about our backyard. But if there’s one pest in particular that gives us the creeps, it would probably be these jittery, wiggly, no-good basement bugs!

Silverfish is a pest with a bad reputation. Attracted to moisture and detritus piles of all kinds, these insects are particularly known for their unsettling and unsightly demeanor. They might look scary or even dangerous with their many legs and spiked abdomens, but silverfish are about as harmless as pests come. Not only are they incapable of biting or stinging humans, but they are unable to destroy property or structural supports either. All in all, silverfish are classified as nuisance pests by professional etymologists here in the Tampa, FL area.

How Do Silverfish Get In To Homes?

Of course, silverfish should never get a free pass into the home just for being 'only' a nuisance pest. These creatures are unsettling to look at and discourage homeowners from enjoying time spent indoors with loved ones. If left alone for long enough, this creepy crawler might just multiply into a huge infestation that is extremely difficult to deal with alone.

Silverfish can and will enter homes from a variety of entry points, including but not limited to:

  • Crevices in the home’s foundations
  • By hitching rides on firewood or potted plants
  • Cracks around windows
  • Splits in screens
  • Worn out weatherproofing around doors and windows

While silverfish would much rather spend their time outdoors rather than indoors, the active presence of food, water, and heat will likely bring them inside when given the opportunity. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the house that could be harboring water may attract large numbers of silverfish to the area.

Keep these silver-colored assailants at bay with some prevention tips from EcoTech Pest Control Solutions.

Don’t Start Late – These Silverfish Prevention Steps Are Great!

Whether or not you have a history of silverfish problems in your Tampa, FL home, it will be important to enact some good pest prevention habits before they make their move. Get ahead of the curve by starting as soon as possible and by refusing to wait until the situation becomes worse with these prevention habits:

  • If there are any concerns about moisture issues in the home, have them  addressed immediately. Some situations may call for desiccant bags, which withdraws humidity pockets from closets and pantries. More serious situations may call for a dehumidifier, which converts air moisture into water for prompt removal. Chronic conditions should be treated by a plumbing or drainage expert in your local area.
  • Seal up all entry points that could let silverfish gain access to the home. That means purchasing waterproof caulking, reserving a few hours of your weekend, and caulking all cracks and gaps that could let small creatures inside. It might feel like a waste of time, but your pro-activity will go a long way towards pest prevention in the future.
  • Reduce clutter around the floors and walls of the homes. Use plastic rather than cardboard boxes for storage, and frequently mop or sweep your floors.

Silverfish problems may require more than simple DIY (do it yourself) steps. If you fear that infestation may be a possibility, book a comprehensive inspection through EcoTech Pest Control Solutions.

EcoTech Pest Control Solutions Leads The Fight Against Silverfish

No one likes feeling that their home or property is compromised by pest activity, no matter how ‘harmless’ they may be. For professional advice and treatment programs for silverfish from a highly skilled team, reach out to the Tampa branch of EcoTech Pest Control Solutions today. Call us for a free inspection today!