Three Easy & Effective Mosquito Control Tips For Tampa, FL Properties

a mosquito biting the skin of an arm

When people think about Florida and the surrounding Tampa area, they tend to think of it as the Sunshine State, the Orange State, or the Palm Tree State. Some tourists even refer to our little slice of heaven as ‘the Alligator State.’ But for those of us who live, work, and play in Tampa, FL we know this state by a very different name: ‘the Mosquito State!’

It’s no secret that our swampy Southern landscape, combined with lots of annual rainfall and warm seasonal temperatures, makes Tampa a hot spot for mosquito activity all year long. Now that the tourist season is back in full stride, many of us have begun to notice an uptick in pest activity around our homes, businesses, and recreational areas. Mosquitoes are just another part of daily life around here, and if you aren’t prepared for their seasonal onslaught, you should be

Diseases From Mosquitoes

See, mosquitoes may not look dangerous on the surface, but on the inside, these creatures are some of the most dangerous animals on Earth. Their ability to spread blood and other fluids from person to person encourage the spread of serious disease. Some of the most well-known mosquito-borne illnesses can chronically affect the lives of victims and their loved ones. West Nile Virus, dengue fever, and even tularemia are some of the most common of these pest-carried sicknesses.

Entertaining any amount of mosquito activity for the year can become a dangerous business indeed. Do your part to reduce the risks of mosquito diseases by implementing DIY(do it yourself) techniques today.

Lessening Mosquito Factors – A Process In 3 Steps

Before you start preparing your home and lawn to fight against mosquitoes, you will need to know a little something about their habits and behaviors.

Mosquitoes are poor flyers that do not appreciate direct sunlight or harsh heat. As such, you can usually find them hiding inside of bushes, in thick shrubbery, or in dense vegetation where humidity levels are much higher. Areas of standing water are also heavy attractants for these pests, including birdbaths, fountains, and vernal pools. Mosquitoes have the uncanny ability to sense sweat and other scents from human presence and will target any victim that comes close enough to activate their sensors.

Follow these awesome three mosquito tips to keep hungry pests out of your lawn and away from your next outdoor gathering:

  1. Reduce harborage zones for mosquitoes around the property. This means cutting back all vegetation, mowing the lawn frequently, and reducing the number of bushes planted near the home. If you are not quite sure where to start, please speak with a qualified landscaping professional.
  2. Remove all standing water sources that can be drained, moved, or reduced. Change out fountain and birdbath water frequently, and drain any pipes or pits that could be collecting moisture.
  3. Use some practical protection while in areas with known mosquito populations. Wear long-sleeved clothing, tuck your socks into your pants, and run fans to discourage mosquito flight patterns near your body.

Determine the locations of harborage zones around your property by scheduling a mosquito inspection with EcoTech Pest Control Solutions.

The Last Tip – Partnering With EcoTech Pest Control Solutions!

There are many ways to handle a mosquito infestation and many different methods of eliminating mosquito attractant factors around your Tampa, FL property. While you may not be able to control mosquitoes completely on your own, you can remove infestations completely with some help from EcoTech Pest Control Solutions.

EcoTech Pest Control Solutions is a GreenPro certified company providing conscious residential and commercial pest management. Call us today at the Tampa, FL location of EcoTech Pest Control Solutions for eco-friendly solutions for mosquito problems and our free no-obligation inspection.