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Tampa's Raccoon Problem and What You Should Do

a raccoon on the roof of a home

Raccoons can be a big pest around Tampa. Read more to be aware of the real threat raccoons pose if they make themselves at home around Tampa.  Read More

Can Bed Bug Infestations in Tampa Be Dangerous For Pets?

A bed bug on a wooden table.

One blood-feeding pest that lives in Tampa and regularly invades homes is bed bugs. The question is, are these insects as dangerous as their parasite cousins, fleas and ticks? To help you understand… Read More

Help! I Can't Seem To Keep Raccoons Out Of My Tampa Yard

A raccoon breaking in through a window.

If you have recently been having trouble getting and keeping raccoons off your Tampa property, let us help you today. Here are a few things you should know. Read More

House Mice In Tampa, FL: What I Should Do To Deter Them

two mice in a basement

In Tampa, one mouse species is invading homes and not looking to be kept as a pet. They are called house mice, and they could cause serious problems. Read More

Are There Black Widow Spiders In Tampa?

a black widow spider in a home

Black widow spiders invade homes in different ways. Mostly, these pests will crawl in through gaps and cracks found in the exterior foundation of properties. Read More

Why Are There Rats On My Roof In Tampa?

roof rat in a shed

Roof rats can be especially difficult to remove. Fortunately, EchoTech Pest Control Services can remove them from your home. Read about all the ways to identify and prevent roof rat infestations.  Read More


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