Ants Invading Your Tampa Home? We Can Help!

ants on dirty floor

Belonging to the family Formicidae, ants are fairly common indoor and outdoor pests that exist in more than 12,000 different species. Ants are known for arriving unexpectedly during cookouts, picnics, and other outdoor events. In their search for sources of food, ants will also infiltrate homes in Tampa, commonly through small openings, and soon others will follow in droves.

Have you discovered a large group of ants inside your home? Responding promptly is important, as these intrusions may rapidly escalate. Contacting an experienced professional who performs residential ant control in Tampa is the best solution. The pros at EcoTech will have a service professional conduct an inspection and create a customized plan of action.

Quick Identification Guide For Ant Control In Tampa

What are the common characteristics associated with the types of ants found in the Tampa region? Local homeowners should review the following: 

  • Acrobat ants: With brown or black bodies that measure roughly 1/8 of an inch long, acrobat ants are known for suspending their abdomen above their heads.
  • Crazy ants: Named because of their abrupt and erratic movement, crazy ants usually appear reddish-brown.
  • Ghost ants: With their pale or yellowish appearance, ghost ants are among the smallest types, as their bodies typically measure 1/16 of an inch long.
  • While the list above contains some of the most prevalent ant species found in this area, it represents only a fraction of the many kinds of ants that exist in Florida.

Homeowners with a large infestation should immediately speak with a pro. Seasoned professionals know how to get rid of ants in your house and understand how to keep ants away.

Are House Ants Typically Dangerous?

Do ants carry diseases? Although most types of ants are considered as nuisance pests, ants routinely are exposed to pathogens. These pests may create risks including E. coli, salmonellosis, and several other potentially serious health concerns. Based on the risks, seeking help from trained pros is the smart choice.

Should You Kill Ants You See Inside?

Although killing ants that you find inside your home will eliminate some of the insects inside your home, this is not a viable, long-term solution. Ants typically form nests containing many thousands of others, which are often located in outdoor areas surrounding the home. In the days or weeks that follow, hungry ants will likely re-enter your home in search of food.

The best ant prevention tips also involve identifying any points of indoor entry. Some of the locations where these tiny creatures will enter homes include gaps below entry doors, damaged window screens, cracks or crevices around the external foundation, and more. To effectively prevent these pests from invading, homeowners in Tampa must address these vulnerabilities by performing maintenance and implementing exclusionary methods.

Quality Ant Control For Your Tampa Home

Which of the ant baiting station products sold in local stores are the most effective? In the majority of cases, these baiting systems or traps deliver only short-term results. In the following weeks or months, many of the homeowners who try these products find themselves enduring prolonged frustration.

Homeowners in the Tampa region in need of fast ant removal services are encouraged to contact a local pest control expert. For more than a decade, the team of experienced professionals with EcoTech Pest Control Services has assisted local property owners who are facing overwhelming ant invasions.

Our organization also remains committed to the safety of our customers and the Tampa environment. When possible, we will use eco-friendly pest control solutions, which are also backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We recognize that providing high-quality customer service has been a critical factor in our ongoing success in the realm of residential pest control. 

For more information, local homeowners should contact our office today.