Answering The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mosquitoes In Tampa

Mosquito on a leaf

How much do you really know about mosquitoes? For instance, did you know that mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures around the globe and that they are responsible for over a million deaths each year? Do you know how many of these deaths occur in the United States? We will discuss this today and answer some other common questions about these annoying pests. To remove these pests from your property, call our team at EcoTech Pest Control Services. We will talk you through our mosquito control options and find a plan that best fits your needs.

Does A Mosquito Bite Every Time It Lands?

If you have ever spent time outdoors with mosquitoes in Tampa, you know that these pests love to bite. The question is, will they bite every time they land? If mosquitos are buzzing around your head, it is safe to assume they are looking for a meal. When they land, they will try to draw as much blood as possible. If you wave them away or they have to leave your body before they are full, a mosquito will try to land again. They will continue this until they are completely full or there is no one else to bite. 

One thing you should know about mosquito bites is that they could come with a harmful disease. Although malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases are less common in the United States, outbreaks do occur. The only thing you can do to avoid sickness is to avoid bites. This is best done with a professional mosquito control plan.

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood?

Why do mosquitoes bite? You might not know this, but not all mosquitoes have the ability to steal blood. Males do not have the piercing mouth parts needed for the job. It is female mosquitoes that need blood to provide nutrients for their eggs. Females steal blood and then look for pools of stagnant water. They lay their eggs inside these pools and leave them to hatch and develop on their own. This whole process takes just under a week. In order to reduce mosquito populations on your property, do your best to address moisture sites. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Pour out rainwater that collects in containers, toys, and other items on your property.
  • Make sure your gutters are in good working condition.
  • Change the water in birdbaths and ornate pools once every four to five days.
  • Terraform your yard to reduce puddling. 

For more help with mosquitoes, consider investing in a year-round mosquito control plan courtesy of EcoTech Pest Control Services.

Does Chlorine Kill Mosquitoes?

If you have a pool on your property, you could be unknowingly providing mosquitoes with a place to breed. Chlorine alone does not kill these pests. Two ways to stop mosquitoes from breeding in your pool include using it regularly or investing in a product that is specifically designed to eliminate mosquito larvae. We recommend partnering with our team. We will not just treat your pool for these pests but we will also address other factors on your property that allow mosquitoes to thrive. 

Total Mosquito Control For Tampa Homes

At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we work hard to provide top-tier mosquito control in Tampa. Our team would be happy to assess your risk and treat your property for these invasive, annoying, and potentially harmful insects. Getting rid of mosquitoes has never been so simple.

Call now and learn more about pest control in Tampa. Schedule your home and property for a service visit today and find out why so many Tampa property owners trust us with their pest control needs.