What Every Tampa Resident Should Know About Wildlife Control

grey squirrel on rock

Taking a trip to the state park is fun because you see and experience things you do not typically encounter in the city. As you hike in the mountains or a nearby state park, you hear and see wildlife, breathe clean air, and revel in the scenery. We don't expect to experience those same things in the city, but occasionally we get surprised when wildlife shows up on our Tampa property. 

If you have wildlife in your home or property, you need the Tampa pest control team from EcoTech Pest Control Services. In addition to pest control, we have been offering wildlife control for almost a decade. We know how to remove wildlife from properties, and our exclusion services can ensure they do not return. 

Nuisance Wildlife And The Risk Of Rabies

We need to define the difference between wildlife and rodents. Rodents are warm-blooded mammals like moles, rats, and mice who have learned to coexist with humans, whereas wildlife consists of mammals and birds that do not live alongside people. Examples of wildlife are bats, skunks, birds, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and more. Rodents and wildlife require different techniques for removal, which is why EcoTech Pest Control Services offers rodent control and wildlife control services. 

Rabies affects mammals and humans, and many wildlife animals are mammals making them susceptible to rabies. In the United States, rabies is rare amongst domesticated animals but is more prevalent in wildlife animals like bats, raccoons, foxes, and skunks. 

Rabies spreads from infected wildlife to humans in two ways. One is saliva; when a rabid animal bites, the virus spreads through the saliva. The other is by contact; rabies spreads when saliva or brain tissue from an infected animal comes into direct contact with broken skin or the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Because the rabies virus attacks the brain, it may take several days to months before the symptoms appear. In humans, the flu-like symptoms may last several days before progressing into anxiety, agitation, confusion, hallucinations, and cerebral dysfunction.

Tips On Sealing Animal Entry Points

Tips for sealing entry points of both wildlife and pest control around your Tampa home are similar and include:

  • Filling small holes with steel wool and use caulk to keep it in place
  • Using cement, lath screen, or metal to seal large holes 
  • Utilizing flashing around the base of the house

Apply these tips to seal gaps around wiring and pipes entering the home. Use fine wire mesh around the chimney and attic vents and openings. For small cracks around the windows and door frames, use caulk. If you have a deck, apply a lath screen or similar product to the opening between the ground and the deck.

Seal outdoor garbage cans, remove yard debris like wood and rock piles, old tires, and landscaping timbers and trim overgrown trees and shrubs to make your Tampa property unattractive to wildlife. 

When To Call A Professional

Wildlife is not as common as rodents in Tampa; when you see wildlife on your property, search for a "wildlife exterminator near me" and find EcoTech Pest Control Services. If wild animals are on your property, there is a strong possibility that others are in a burrow nearby, so the problem will only worsen with time. 

Because of the threat of rabies, you need wildlife pest experts who understand the animal, where to find its burrow, and who can safely remove it from your Tampa property. Do not risk getting hurt trying to remove the wild animal yourself!

Professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Services In Tampa

Our professional staff at EcoTech Pest Control Services specializes in wildlife removal in Tampa. We will inspect your property and identify the animal. If it is a small animal, we will strategically place traps in hot spot areas, and for larger animals, we will use food as bait. Contact us today for your free quote.