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Have Wildlife Moved Close To Your Tampa, FL Home?

There are few things as disconcerting as knowing that a wild animal has moved too close or even into your Tampa home. From snakes to bats to raccoons and more, wildlife should remain where it belongs –  in the wild. If these animals get into or are lurking around your house, you risk being injured, having your home damaged, or getting sick. For the safety of your family and your house, you need to get rid of these animals. The Tampa pest control professionals at EcoTech Pest Control Services can help with our wildlife control services.

raccoon in a live trap

Our Wildlife control Process


When you contact us about a Tampa wildlife problem, we’ll visit your home to get an up-close look at the problem. We want to identify the type of pest that is causing you problems, where they are harboring, and how they’re getting into your house (if they are inside).


We use humane trapping methods to remove the wildlife from your Tampa home and property. Once we set out the traps, we will check them every day. When we catch an animal, we’ll relocate the animal while following state laws.

If a large animal is on your property, we’ll lure it into a pen with food, then relocate it to a safe place. We have a wild swine license, which allows us to transport animals like wild hogs.

If snakes are on your property, we will remove them and lay out a granule product that is a snake repellent. We will place the granules around entrances to keep snakes out of your house.


Once we safely remove the wildlife from your property, you’ll want to be sure that it can’t return. We offer exclusion work that seals the entry points the animals used to access your home.

Using a variety of materials, including steel wool, concrete, metal, caulking, carpenter cloth, and more, we’ll fill and repair the holes and damage so that we protect your home from future wildlife threats. Our exclusion work comes with a one year warranty.

Keeping Wildlife Where It Belongs

At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we care about the environment and the creatures in it. Our wildlife control methods are humane to the wildlife that is on your property and effective at our most important job: keeping you, your family, and your house safe and pest-free. To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Tampa, contact us today.

Is your property overrun with wildlife? We can help!

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