Rodent Control

rodent controlAre you thinking about taking on those rodents that won't leave your family alone? Don't underestimate them because they can be highly dangerous even though they are small. Their claws are just as sharp as their incisors, and their little bodies are typically infected with all sorts of bacteria and diseases. Thankfully, the professionals at EcoTech are on standby to protect your home and business from a rodent invasion.

Get Ahead of the Problem

At EcoTech, we focus on eliminating the possibility of an invasion, so we understand how important it is for us to get ahead of the problem. Our method involves carrying out a thorough inspection. With our eyes on the details, we carefully examine buildings in an effort to pinpoint any areas of concern that rodents can easily exploit. Because we're equipped with an extensive depth of knowledge, we have what it takes to determine the species by assessing the damage and the droppings. We use the results of the inspection to figure out which course of action will lead to the best outcome.

Put Together a Protection Plan

Most rodent species are surprisingly clever and resourceful, so destroying their nests with over-the-counter products isn't going to stop them for long. What you need is a customized protection plan for your property, so EcoTech wants to help. With the experience that we have, we know the protection plan will be better effective if we put it together in a strategic manner. That's why we use a combination of traps and baits. We also stay on standby to perform regular treatments. From rats to squirrels, rodents are brazen and persistent, but we're able to control them.

Carry Out Tried-And-True Exterminating Tactics

At EcoTech, we go out of our way to nip infestations in the bud, and we work even harder to keep pesky rodents at bay. No matter the season, we have the right means to treat your home and your business. Our exterminating tactics are specifically designed to facilitate your efforts to reclaim your property. We start out by strategically setting up traps in the yard and around the building. Once we find out which parts of the building are prone to be exploited, we waste no time with putting barriers in place. You don't have any reason to worry because we approach pest control in a manner that won't adversely affect your family or your pets.

Stay on Top of the Problem

We understand that rodents won't stop trying to invade your residential or commercial building. That's why we won't let up in our attack. EcoTech has a reputation for delivering outstanding results because we're proactive and aggressive when we deal with rodent infestation problems. If you no longer want to live under the threat of an invasion, let us service your properties so that we can fulfill your pest control needs. We encourage you to take the time to seal any gaps or openings that are in your property's roof and foundation. Call EcoTech today or at your earliest convenience to get an estimate.