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Have Rodents Gotten Into Your Tampa, FL Home?

Rodents are a common pest problem all over the United States, including right here in the greater Tampa area. They often move inside in search of food, water, or shelter from the heat or cold. If they simply needed a temporary reprieve from the weather before quietly moving back outdoors, they might not be such a problem, but unfortunately, that is not what they do.

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Instead, they settle in, bring their friends and family with them, and begin to cause a lot of problems in your home. They’ll chew through important elements of your house, deposit contaminated droppings wherever they go, and spread illnesses to your family members. Keeping rodents out of your home is important for the safety and health of your family. EcoTech Pest Control Services offers the rodent control services you need to protect those most important to you.

Our Rodent control Process


When rodents get into your house, there’s more to eliminating them than simply setting a few traps here and there. To provide you with the fastest, most effective results, we need to determine where exactly the rodents are spending their time in your house and how they’re getting inside. We’ll do this by performing a careful inspection of your home and property. Once we gather this information, we can design a rodent control plan tailored to your particular rodent infestation situation.


There are two major steps in the rodent control process. Your first concern is getting rid of the rodents that are in your house. We’ll accomplish this through a combination of methods that include laying out snap traps and glue boards in strategic locations within your home and placing rodent bait stations on the exterior of your house. We’ll return to your home every couple of days to check, empty, and reset the traps as necessary.

Although the only part of rodent control that you might be thinking about is the rodents inside your house, the other step in the rodent control process is just as important, if not more so, than eliminating your current infestation. You must seal the entry points that rodents are using to get into your house so that a new infestation can’t develop after getting rid of the current one.

We provide exclusion services to seal the entry points into your house. We seal up all entry points we find using caulk, steel wool, carpenter cloth, and other materials resistant to rodents and their chewing.


In addition to the regular follow-up visits to check your traps, after we eliminate the infestation and perform the exclusion work, our service includes a one-year warranty. This warranty only applies to homes that have had exclusion work performed.

A Rodent-Free Home Is A Happy Home

Rodents cause serious problems for homeowners and a lot of unnecessary stress. If you’ve been finding signs of a rodent infestation in your house, don’t ignore it in hopes that you’re mistaken. A rodent infestation will not go away on its own, and it will grow much worse over time. EcoTech Pest Control Services can safely and efficiently eliminate your rodent problem and make sure that it doesn’t come back. Contact us today to request a rodent inspection.

Is your property overrun with rodents? We can help!

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