Don't Let Fleas Infest Your Tampa Home

flea up close

What pest is tiny, annoying, and can leap several times its own height? A flea! Fleas are common pests that frequently get into Tampa homes and cause many problems. In this article, we'll explain the health risks associated with flea infestations and the best way to eliminate these frustrating insects.

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The Ways Fleas And Ticks Are Similar

When fleas are discussed, ticks are often brought up during the discussion as well. This is because they tend to have similar habits and behaviors. Fleas and ticks are both considered parasitic pests, as they require the blood of a host to survive. These pests also tend to prefer animal hosts, though they will bite humans when given a chance. In addition, flea bites and tick bites can each cause health concerns. 

Although fleas and ticks are similar in many ways, they're also quite different. Fleas in Tampa are known for their ability to jump long distances and rapidly infest properties, while ticks latch onto a host and won't typically result in the infestation of your home. Protect your Tampa home from all kinds of pests by implementing professional services from EcoTech Pest Control Services today. 

Fleas Are A Health Risk For Both People And Pets

People and pets often experience adverse reactions caused by flea infestations. You itch excessively at bites, have an allergic reaction, or lose sleep when these tiny pests are brought into your home. Your pets may become more distressed as they scratch and bite at the fleas in their fur. Unfortunately, these tiny pests can also spread dangerous diseases that could make you or your pets sick. Tungiasis, tularemia, and murine typhus are just a few of the diseases fleas can transmit to humans.

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Five Ways To Keep The Fleas Away

Fleas get into homes in many ways. So how do you prevent them from causing problems on your Tampa property? Here are five ways to keep fleas away from your residential property:

  1. Identify and eliminate rodent or wildlife problems on your property that may contribute to a flea infestation. 
  2. Keep your lawn well-maintained by trimming the grass frequently.
  3. Ensure your pets remain on year-round flea and tick medication.
  4. Routinely inspect your pets for signs of fleas, especially after they've spent time outdoors.
  5. Bathe your pets and wash bedding regularly.

Prevention tips are helpful, but the most effective solution is always high-quality flea control services from our EcoTech Pest Control Services technicians. Reach out to us today to get started on your first treatment.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Fleas In Your Home

Fleas are one of those pests you can never be too careful with. If a single flea makes its way into your home, it's only a matter of time before that flea multiplies and creates a much larger problem. That's why you should always contact our EcoTech Pest Control Services professionals at the first sign of fleas in your Tampa home. We're committed to helping homeowners defend their property from the area's most challenging pest threats, including fleas.

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