Effective Flea Control For Tampa Residents

flea on a human

Did you know that fleas can be dangerous? Fleas are a pest problem in Tampa you might not worry about, especially if you don’t have any pets in your home. Yet, the reality is that fleas can invade almost any home. These parasitic pests only live on animals as hosts, but they still bite people. They can also spread diseases such as murine typhus and the Bubonic plague.

If you want to protect everyone in your household from the risks of fleas, this guide contains all the information you need on effective pest control in Tampa.

How To Identify Different Types Of Fleas

There are a whopping 2,000 flea species globally, but there are only a few you need to know. The fleas in Tampa that invade homes are usually cat fleas, dog fleas, or rat fleas. Cat fleas are the most common, and despite their name, they also live on dogs. 

It’s nearly impossible to tell different kinds of fleas apart unless you examine them under a microscope. Generally, fleas look like small, wingless insects that are reddish-brown. They can move quickly and live on the fur of animals. But, they also infest carpets and other items throughout households and commonly jump up to bite human ankles and feet.

The Lifecycle Of The Common Flea

Fleas have a life cycle that consists of four parts: eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. After the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on organic debris in the environment for around four days. Next, the larvae enter the pupa stage, covered with debris like sand and pebbles in a cocoon-like structure. After about four weeks, the pupae are fully grown, adults. At this stage, fleas seek out a host to drink blood. 

Fleas will lay their eggs on animal fur, in carpets, or on furniture. While most fleas prefer to bite dogs and cats, they will bite humans if the opportunity presents itself.

Three Reasons Fleas Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

While you might try to eradicate fleas on your own, these pests are somewhat challenging to deter for three main reasons:

  1. They Are Invasive: A single female flea can produce a couple of thousand eggs in less than two months. This fast reproductive cycle allows flea numbers to grow exponentially.
  2. They Are Hard To Eliminate: Fleas have flattened bodies that allow them to attach and hide on the fur of animals. They are also resistant to being crushed because they have hard exoskeletons.
  3. They Don’t Always Respond To Treatment Attempts: Not all flea eradication products work. Some are more effective than others, and Tampa pest control services are the only truly effective way to remove fleas.

If you’ve seen fleas around your home, it’s best to work with the team at EcoTech Pest Control Services to remove these dangerous pests from your Tampa property

Control, Extermination, And Prevention Of Fleas

While you can try to remove fleas on your own, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress if you let our technicians at EcoTech Pest Control Services handle them instead. We also suggest working with a veterinarian to protect your dogs and cats. 

Get help with flea prevention and eradication by calling us today to request a quote or book an inspection and get started on our effective residential and commercial pest control services in Tampa.