Rodents In Tampa Can Be Tricky To Get Rid Of When You Also Have Pets

mouse on wood

Rats and mice have been a nuisance to homeowners for centuries. These pests will make their way into homes that provide a food source and adequate shelter. It's important to get a rodent problem under control quickly to prevent them from spreading diseases to your family. Learn more in this guide about the rodents in Tampa and how to keep them away.

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In Tampa?

Rodents are one of the worst pests to have on your property. There are several different types of rodents found in the Tampa area.

Here is a list of the most common species along with their identifying characteristics:

House mouse: This mouse species is the smallest at two to four inches in length. Their tales are usually just as long as their bodies. House mice are gray with a cream-colored underside. They breed quickly, and you will commonly find them inside homes across the United States.

Deer mouse: These mice are between five and eight inches in length. They are brown with a white belly and feet. Deer mice have a round appearance, and you will primarily find them in rural areas.

Norway rat: Norway rats are brown with black hairs throughout their coats. Their bellies are gray or white. These rats can be anywhere between seven and nine inches in length and have tails that are shorter than their bodies. They cause structural damage to homes due to their gnawing on wood.

Roof rat: These smaller rats are between six and eight inches in length, with a tail that is as long as their bodies. They are dark brown or black with either a black or white underbelly and have large eyes and ears as well as a pointy nose. Roof rats get their name from their preference to nest in the upper floors of buildings.

Contact an exterminator immediately if you discover any of these Florida rodents in your home.

Making Sure Pet Food Doesn't Become Pest Food

All kinds of rodents love to nibble on your pet's food and treats. To keep your furry friend's food safe, transfer it to a metal or plastic container. Metal is more rodent-proof than plastic, but both types of containers are better than keeping pet food in the paper bag or cardboard it comes in. Whichever receptacle you choose, make sure it's airtight with a locking lid.

Avoid leaving your pet's food out overnight. Even if your dog or cat likes to graze on dry food throughout the day, make sure to store any leftovers back in the food container before heading to bed. If you feed your pet wet food, try to stick to a schedule. Rodents are especially attracted to the smell of wet pet food, so be mindful not to leave any out unattended. When feeding your pet treats, clean up any crumbs that are left behind. Otherwise, you might be leaving a trail of crumbs behind for some unwanted rodent visitors.

How To Use Pest Control Products Safely Around Kids & Pets

It's vital to get rid of rodents in your home to keep your children and pets safe from the diseases they carry. It's also crucial to make sure the pest control methods you use are safe for your family. The harmful chemicals found in most rat and mouse baits are extremely toxic to humans and animals. Mousetraps that snap can also cause injuries to curious kids and pets if you don’t place them in the right areas. It's best to work with a professional exterminator to deal with a rodent problem.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Tampa And Keep Them Away

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