The Problems Associated With Argentine Ants In Tampa

An Argentine ant on a twig

It may be native to Argentina, but the Argentine ant survives globally, invading Tampa’s natural, agricultural, and urban environments. Because of their low intraspecific aggression levels, it’s not uncommon to find an Argentine ant colony near your Tampa home.

Unlike most ants with a single queen, an Argentine ant queen on your property may be more than one, explaining the web of nests. The insects will ultimately disturb your peace with their prolific breeding, hence, the need for speedy Argentine ant control in Tampa. Keep reading to learn more about argentine ants and how Tampa pest control services from EcoTech Pest Control Services can help.

Should I Be Worried if I See One Argentine Ant on My Property?

The ants’ large numbers and massive appetites make them destructive. An Argentine ant colony on your property can also displace native insects when looking for food and shelter.

By doing so, Argentine ants threaten the survival of creatures like lizards by eliminating their food source. Additionally, these ants care for plant pests like aphids in exchange for their honeydew secretions.

An Argentine ant colony on your property might even transfer the aphids to favorable microclimates to boost honeydew production. The consequence is increased pest densities and more plant damage.

The ants are approximately 1/16 inches long, though an Argentine ant queen on your property can range between 1/6 and 1/4 inches. The insects are brown and contain 12 segments on the antennae. Note that Argentine queens differ from those from other species.

Moreover, Argentine queens can feed their young ones, unlike ant queens that lay eggs and leave workers to care for the offspring. Another distinguishing factor is mobility. Unlike other queens that stay in nests for life, you can spot an Argentine queen outside with workers.   

The Problems Argentine Ants Can Cause in Your House

The Argentine ant might not be poisonous, but its territorial nature increases the risk of bites. However, the bites aren’t severe and only occur upon provocation. The ants can also bring diseases from sewers and garbage dumps into your house. Though the pests like sugary food, they will survive on what your family eats.

While they live under rocks and debris outdoors, an Argentine ant infestation on your property can also occur indoors. You can check your Tampa home for trails, concentrating on damp spaces beneath carpets, behind appliances, and bathrooms. 

However, no area is off-limits to these pets. They can crawl onto your bed, clothing, stoves, and sofas. The insects can also enter your property through power lines and cracks between walls. 

How To Prevent Argentine Ant Reinfestation

There’s no guarantee these insects won’t return to your home after extermination. You can prevent another Argentine ant infestation on your property by destroying nesting locations.

The following objects favor ant breeding.

  • Organic and bark mulch
  • Grass
  • Wood chips
  • Rocks
  • Fallen fruit

Your yard should also be free of plants that attract aphids. Because ants thrive in dampness, you can prevent an infestation by fixing leaking pipes, not overwatering landscapes, and channeling roof water away from your home’s foundation. 

Don’t forget to seal cracks and trim bushes that provide ants access to your home. Another measure is removing food sources. Aside from packing food in tight containers, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink for too long. Similarly, sweep and vacuum frequently and empty and clean trash cans.

How Do I Get Rid of Argentine Ants in My Home?

The Argentine ants you see might not be the only pests in your house. Our job at EcoTech Pest Control Services is to create unique treatment programs for Argentine ant control and other unwanted insects in your home.

Contact us for professional ant extermination services when you see an Argentine ant mega colony near your Tampa home. Our team of experts at EcoTech Pest Control Services has the tools and experiences to protect your Tampa home from ants all year long. Reach out to us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Tampa.