Help! I Can't Seem To Keep Raccoons Out Of My Tampa Yard

A raccoon breaking in through a window.

Certain people have a special place in their heart for raccoons. Although problematic, there is no denying that these furry bandits have a charm about them. Maybe it’s something about their cute faces or the way they stand on their back legs and wave their arms in the air. Whatever it is that makes raccoons pleasant to observe, this pests' allure goes away the second it starts causing trouble on a property. If you have recently been having trouble getting and keeping raccoons off your Tampa property, let us help you today. Here are a few things you should know.

Raccoons Are Mischievous

Raccoons are the most mischievous creatures in our area. Not only do these furry bandits mostly cause trouble at night when people are asleep, but they are also driven by their curiosity and scavenging instincts to the point of regularly getting into trouble. One great example of this is when raccoons see or smell something interesting inside a dumpster and they jump in after it, not thinking about how they will get back out. This is why so many videos exist on the internet of people saving raccoons.

Raccoons Are Smart

Although raccoons regularly get trapped inside dumpsters and other areas while scavenging for food, they are actually quite smart. Using their dexterous fingers, raccoons will open up trash can lids, find creative ways to invade outbuildings and attic spaces, and learn how to avoid dangerous situations. This pest’s intelligence is part of the reason they are so frustrating to deal with around properties.

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Raccoons do not think before they eat a decaying piece of meat or jump into a bacteria-ridden trash heap. For this reason, these trash tippers can be teeming with disease-causing organisms. They spread these sickness vectors inside attic spaces, around outbuildings, and in other areas where you might frequent.

Where Raccoons Live

Although raccoons will sometimes establish a nest inside of a home, these pests usually shelter somewhere on or around properties, inside brush piles, ground burrows, muskrat houses, barns, and abandoned buildings. Because they move around so much, identifying where one of these pests is sheltering on your property may be difficult, and getting them to go away could be even more challenging.

Some Strategies To Deter Raccoons

There are two reasons that raccoons invade properties. The first is to find shelter. The other is to find food. To reduce your chances of finding these night bandits in your yard or near your home, here are some ways to deter them.

  • Remove brush piles, clutter, and debris from your yard.
  • Trim bushes and hedges regularly.
  • Fill in ground burrows.
  • Install fences around your yard and garden.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Make sure your home's and outbuilding’s exteriors are damage-free and properly sealed.
  • Install motion sensor-activated lights around your home’s exterior.

A Better Solution To Raccoons

If you have been struggling with raccoons for a while now and would like them off your property, let our team help you out. At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we take care of our community by helping them get and keep raccoons off their property. We also offer consultations to help you identify what pests are causing trouble or might cause trouble on your property.

Give our team a call today to find out more about our comprehensive pest control options. One of our friendly technicians will help you find the information you are looking for and guide you to a solution for your Tampa property’s pest problems.