Are You Struggling With Nuisance Wildlife In Tampa?

raccoon in trash

Wildlife control in Tampa can be a real struggle. Thanks to our climate, we share the area with a diverse array of wildlife, ranging from insects to alligators and everything in-between.

EcoTech Pest Services is used to dealing with wildlife issues. To help homeowners, we’ve put together a guide of handy tips to keep in mind should your property become home to wildlife of any kind. Pest control in Tampa is best left to the pros!

Common Types Of Nuisance Wildlife Found In Tampa

Some types of wildlife are far more common than others in our area. Here are some pests that you might encounter on your property throughout the year.

  • Bats. We don’t see them very often because they are nocturnal, but bats can make their presence felt on a property once they’ve really settled in – even in the daytime.
  • Rats. Rats are notorious invaders, largely due to their capacity to cause damage as well as evade attempts to remove them.
  • Squirrels. While they seem to prefer trees and shrubbery, squirrels can still find their way inside, especially when shelter is more readily available and accessible there than outdoors.
  • Raccoons. Raccoons are extremely nosey pests that have a tendency to be very “bold” in approaching humans if they think there’s a meal in it for them. Raccoons can also carry diseases, so they are rather dangerous to have hanging around.

Just like us, plenty of wildlife love to call Tampa home! If you see any of these critters on your property, don’t panic or hesitate to get in touch with the pros, as these animals may be hazardous to you.

Nuisance Wildlife And The Risk Of Rabies

Rabies is a horrible disease that affects both humans and wildlife alike. Rabies is dangerous for more than a few reasons, too. An animal that has rabies may become irrational and violent, which only serves to increase the likelihood of their becoming a direct hazard to you.

People can get rabies, too. We tend to only get it from bites, in fact. Scratches and other non-bite instances of contact with rabies are less dangerous, but an animal presenting with rabies symptoms should be avoided at absolutely all costs.

If you observe an animal displaying erratic behavior, it’s better to err on the side of caution and call in the professionals immediately. Containing animals with rabies is perhaps one of the most important and critical tasks in all of wildlife control. They really can’t coexist with us safely, unfortunately.

Six Natural Ways To Deter Wildlife From Your Property

Here are six handy tips that will help you keep wildlife from calling your property home.

  • A dog in the yard
  • Sprinklers and noisemakers
  • Clean the property to remove places wildlife would hide
  • Don’t leave pet food out at night – raccoons can smell it from very far away
  • A regular fence may not do, but chicken wire around a garden works wonders
  • Plant bushes and plants that animals dislike the smell of

On their own, these won’t eliminate an infestation once one has taken hold. Wildlife removal is notoriously difficult, after all. They will help prevent an infestation from ever starting in the first place, though.

The Most Successful Wildlife Control Method For Tampa Homes

Most wildlife control issues are well outside the means of most homeowners. Wildlife trapping may provide an opportunity to slow an infestation or give the homeowner a good chance to identify a pest, but only a professional solution will work in serious instances.

EcoTech Pest Control is the number one wildlife control company in town. When it comes to wildlife pest control, we have the experience, the know-how, and the tools to help you reclaim your property from unwanted wildlife once and for all.