There are a lot of bugs that bite us in Tampa. So how can you be sure you're finding bed bug bites on your skin? You may think that it is easy because bed bugs bite you at night and you wake up with the bites. While they certainly can bite you while you're sleeping, you may not wake up with noticeable bites. Mistaken bites are one way you could be wrong about bed bugs in Tampa, and this is where we are going to start our conversation today because it can give you important insight into how to detect bed bugs.

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Myth: Bed Bugs Always Leave Rashy Welts On Your Skin

The wound caused by a bed bug would probably go undetected if not for the raised bump and the rash that appears around it. This reaction happens when your skin reacts to the blood-thinning anticoagulant bed bugs inject. While you can wake up with raised bumps and a rash, it can take hours, or even days for your skin to react. This can make it difficult for you to pinpoint when you got the bites, or where you got them. Here are a few more factors to consider.

Rashes can be caused by many things — When bed bug nymphs bite, you may think you've developed an allergic reaction to something other than insect bites. There are many things that can cause a rash. Bites caused by immature nymphs can be numerous and slight. Each nymph bites multiple times (often three) and it only takes a few nymphs to create lots of bites on your skin. This can just seem like raised bumps, not insect bites. You may be able to distinguish them as bed bug bites by looking at the pattern. The bumps of a rash will be random. Bed bug bites usually have a pattern because the insects move as a group across the skin, feeding as they go.

There are several pests that can bite you in your Tampa home — If you determine that you are getting bites in your home, it doesn't necessarily mean you have bed bugs. How can you tell? One way is to look to see if the bites follow a path. You may also consider where the bites are located. Bed bugs tend to feed on skin that is exposed during sleep, such as the head, neck, arms, hands, and feet. They're also more likely to feed toward the top of your body because they're attracted to carbon dioxide.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Attracted To Dirty Homes

There are many myths connected to how people get bed bugs. One of the most common myths we hear is that bed bugs are attracted to dirty homes. If you believe this, it can make you susceptible to a bed bug infestation and make it difficult for you to quickly address bed bugs when they appear in your home.

Before you get bed bugs — These insects don't live in your yard. They live almost exclusively in man-made structures, so bed bugs don't decide to live in your home for any reason. They're carried into your home by accident. It's just that simple.

When you find bed bugs — If bed bugs are carried into your home, they're not going to be driven out of your home if you clean it. These insects can't choose to live in your yard. While there are benefits to cleaning your home in response to a bed bug infestation, there is a low chance that this will help you get rid of these insects.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

If you believe this myth, it can make you think that you have no ability to inspect your home and find bed bugs, but we assure you, bed bugs aren't microscopic. If you find them, you'll see them. The problem is that they're difficult to find. Bed bugs range from 1mm to 5mm long and they hide in tight spaces and dark voids. Here are a few ways you might detect them.

  • Lift the mattress off your bed and examine the space between your mattress and box spring. You may find bed bugs huddled up in a small spot the size of your thumbnail.

  • Inspect your mattress, boxspring, bed frame, furniture, baseboards, crown molding, and other key areas for the presence of black streaks or insect skins.

  • Use a debit card to drag along seams and creases. This may bring evidence to the surfaces, such as eggs, shed skins, or the insects themselves.

Myth: Bed Bugs Can Be Controlled With Home Remedies

Bed bugs have lived almost exclusively with humans since the dawn of time. These irritating pests would be extinct if they were easily killed with home remedies. At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, reach out to Eco Tech Pest Control Services for industry-leading bed bug control.


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