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What are rodents?

Mice, rats, and moles are examples of rodents that thrive in Florida. Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that have learned how to coexist with people as a means to help them survive. Why live outside in a Florida swamp when you can live in a nice residential neighborhood or, even better, inside a temperature-controlled Florida home or business? Rodent infestations can become a large problem and the help of a Tampa pest control professional may be needed.

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Are rodents dangerous?

Though rodents are seen as eco-important because they act as a food source for many predators, they provide no benefits to us when in our yards and homes. In fact, rodents are dangerous, destructive pests that should never be allowed to live in our homes or businesses. Keeping them out of our yards is essential because not only can they cause damage to our lawns and gardens, but the closer they live to the outside of our homes, the more likely they will find a way inside.

Rodents are vectors of many diseases and are hosts to disease-spreading parasites. They use their continuously growing front incisors to chew through and damage structural elements like wires, pipes, cables, and personal items like clothing and rugs, and furniture.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents move into our homes and yards because they provide them with food and shelter. Our temperature-controlled homes protect rodents from weather extremes and usually provide them with easy access to food.

Our yards also make excellent habitats for rodents as they provide them with ample hiding spots, and our gardens, fruit trees, trash cans, and compost offer them abundant sources of food.

Where will I find rodents?

Rats and mice live both outside in our yards or inside our homes. In contrast, moles are mainly outdoor pests living in and foraging for food in our gardens, flower beds, and yards.

Outside, mice and rats hide and nest in woodpiles, under fallen trees, under dense shrubbery, under decks or foundations, and inside garages and sheds. Inside, they like to gather things from around our homes (pieces of fabric, paper, string, rug fibers) to build their nests. They then place their nests behind walls and appliances, in attics, or storage areas like closets or cabinets.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Get rid of unwelcome, dangerous, and damaging rodents from your Florida property with the help of the professionals at EcoTech Pest Control Services. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and highly trained professionals will provide the support and services needed to eliminate your rodent problems. We offer exceptional pest control solutions and pride ourselves in providing our customers with excellent communication and superior customer service.

For home or business owners looking to eliminate rodents from their greater Tampa area property, look no further than EcoTech Pest Control Services!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services in Tampa, protect your property from pests with the following prevention tips:

  • Remove dense vegetation, maintain gardens, and cut back tree branches from your home’s exterior walls.
  • Keep the grass cut short to limit hiding spots for rodents on your property.
  • Keep your trash and compost inaccessible to foraging rodents by placing locking lids on them.
  • Seal spaces in the foundation of your home, repair damaged siding, fix holes along the roofline and make sure screens are intact and secure to help keep rodents out of your home.
  • After eating either inside or outside of your home, immediately take care of leftover food.
  • Keep your yard and home free of the clutter and debris where rodents like to hide.

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