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Professional Pest Solutions For Land O’ Lakes, FL Properties

Hidden along the glossy shores of Conner Preserve, Cypress Creek Preserve, and the famous Dupree Gardens, Land O’ Lakes, Florida is one of the most beautiful and water-laden areas in all of Pasco County. This stunning location is filled with a variety of flora and fauna types, including unique birds, swamp plants, and tiny reptiles. Only a stones’ throw away from Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, there is always a wealth of things to see and do in this polished community. Enjoy some relaxing walks by the lake, visit a beach or two, or sit inside one of this area’s highly coveted garden spaces.

Agreeable air humidity, standing water, and warm temperatures make the Land O’ Lakes area a sought-after tourist destination and a snowbird hot spot. However, this area of the Tampa metro-statistical area is also known for a high volume of pests as well! Biting mosquitoes, hunting bed bugs, and parasitical ticks are all on the prowl to take over your home, business, or property. Without the right kind of help, you may be jeopardizing your home, your family, and everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

That’s why the folks at EcoTech Pest Control Services have made it their mission to help Land O’ Lakes residents find, destroy, and prevent pest species of all kinds. We refuse to back down from the competition and offer only the best and brightest of our services to those in need. Whether you require some pest control treatments, investigations, quotes, or assistance, the Pasco County pest control professionals at EcoTech Pest Control Services is ready to help. Call today to set up your initial visit, or speak with a representative to learn more about your options. 

Home Pest Control In Land O’ Lakes, FL

Family residences around the Land O’ Lakes area are bombarded by pest species of every make, type, and caliber. Some of the worst pest varieties from the homeowner's point of view include:

  • Mosquitoes: Packing a punch with every sip, mosquitoes cause both physical and medical problems for homeowners in our area. What's worse, our temperate climate and heavy rainfall contribute to an unusually high number of these pests in Florida.

  • Rodents: Rats and mice spread diseases around as though they were Christmas gifts. No home is safe from their wily ways, not even yours.

  • Cockroaches: Able to crawl, sprint, or fly their way into your house, cockroaches contaminate food items and food prep surfaces at a moment’s notice.

Pest species are easily able to be controlled through the Land O' Lakes residential pest control services of EcoTech Pest Control Services. Our vetted pest control products and unbelievably effective treatment programs rapidly resolve your pest issues without causing additional concerns. Reach out to the team today to discuss your options for residential pest control treatments, or refer to the information listed on our website. 


Bed Bug Control Solutions For Land O' Lakes Homes

bed bug on a bed headboard

Over the years, bed bugs have become serious contenders for the worst possible invaders around Land O’ Lakes homes. Not only do they spread itchy bites and unseemly stains on upholstery, but they often dissuade people from coming to visit your home as well. Here are a few ways to remedy this problem:

  • Wash all clothing on the highest setting after returning from a trip.

  • Do not store luggage on the ground while traveling.

  • Have your home treated right away.

Let EcoTech Pest Control Services help you reclaim your property now with effective bed bug control in Land O' Lakes.

What Attracts Fleas And Ticks To Land O' Lakes Yards?

a flea crawling on a human arm

Here are some factors that could be attracting fleas and ticks at your Land O' Lakes property:

  • Tall shrubbery

  • Pets or wildlife animals

  • Shady groves of trees

Fight back with the team at EcoTech Pest Control Services today.

Commercial Pest Control In Land O’ Lakes, FL

Your commercial property may not have experienced a pest problem in the past, but that certainly won’t prevent the situation from becoming reality. Pests like bed bugs, roaches, fleas, and ticks can choose to take over your property in the blink of an eye, fundamentally affecting your daily workflow. Employees may be subjected to hostile or dangerous conditions. Customers may not feel safe or welcomed shopping in your store. Worst of all, a pest presence is one of the number one ways to lose credibility, revenue, and a clean bill of operations from your health inspector.

Here’s how EcoTech Pest Control Services keeps your commercial building safe:

  • We begin each service with an initial pest inspection. This helps us to create a clearer picture of your problem.

  • We apply treatments as necessary, incorporating the use of Integrated Pest Management services, as well as sprays or baits.

  • We follow up our services with you to ensure that everything has gone according to plan.

Don’t leave your success up to chance. Invest in your future using the commercial pest control services in Land O' Lakes from the professionals at EcoTech Pest Control Services. 


Common Wildlife Species Threatening Land O' Lakes Homes

Living in Land O’ Lakes affords residents a high quality of life and access to lots of amenities. It also means that wildlife animals might make themselves known on properties if the enticements are strong enough. Some of the forms of wildlife that homeowners are likely to encounter include:

  • Skunks: These animals are hard to miss, given their black coloring and signature white markings. From a distance, some people may think that they’re neighborhood cats, but if you get too close, there is no mistaking a skunk. They will spray if they get surprised or if they detect a threat. Usually, they come to properties looking for food, even if it’s in a compost bin.
  • Birds: Pest birds are a notable issue for local homes. And while their species will vary, pest birds may cause property damage through their nests and leave behind droppings that cause corrosion to buildings.
  • Raccoons: The masked bandit is easy to identify, but they are often active during the nighttime, which means that most homeowners only see the damage that they’ve caused. Raccoons are adept at using their hands and will do so to rummage through trash bins in their quest for food. 

For more information on wildlife control in Land O' Lakes, call EcoTech today. 


Five Facts About Rodents Every Land O' Lakes Homeowner Needs To Know

Rodents are very common invaders of Land O’ Lakes homes, but there’s a lot that residents still don’t know about these furry creatures. Here are five things that everyone ought to know about them:

  1. They have varied physical abilities. Rodents are animals that are able to get into homes in a multitude of creative ways. Mice in particular will utilize openings the size of a dime in order to get inside of a property. Rats are capable of climbing trees and they will use overgrown trees that act as bridges to enter a property.
  2. Health risks are common. These pests are known to leave behind traces of their droppings and urine that are linked with very serious health risks, including salmonellosis, hantavirus, and tularemia.
  3. Other pests are never too far from an infestation. Rats and mice are some of the most common carriers of other pests. They often serve as hosts for fleas and ticks, which pose their own health risks.
  4. They have very strong teeth. Rodents have incisor teeth that can grow very long if they aren’t able to chew constantly. This often leads to property damage, both to the exterior of structures and to items like furniture and personal belongings.
  5. Infestations can be very large. The average female mouse can produce eight litters of pups a year while rats can have up to six. While the exact numbers vary, this can develop into dozens of offspring in just a few short months.

For more information on rodent control in Land O' Lakes, call EcoTech today.


How Fumigation Services Work In Land O' Lakes

Fumigation is a highly effective method of eliminating the widespread and stubborn termite problems that impact Land O’ Lakes properties on a regular basis. At EcoTech, we offer two forms of fumigation so that we can best address our customers’ needs. The form that people are most familiar with is tent fumigation. This is the process during which we encapsulate the entire home. Over the course of a few days, we pipe in the penetrative fumigation in order to eliminate 100% of termites.

Vault fumigation allows us to apply the same method but to certain rooms or even individual pieces of furniture. Both require a brief preparation and vacating the property for a period of time. With this intense and highly effective method, we can create a termite-free home with minimal interruption. For more information on fumigation services in Land O' Lakes, please call us today.


Why Termites Are Such A Destructive Force In Land O' Lakes

Termites are perhaps one of the most destructive pests that Land O’ Lakes residents might encounter. Each year, they are responsible for roughly 5 billion dollars in collective damage to homes across the country. Termites are able to accomplish this destruction because of their insatiable appetite for wood or anything that resembles it. Termites are capable of eating wood 24/7, which is how their destruction grows so extensively.

Termite swarms also further the level of damage that termites can cause. This often occurs in the springtime or after any significant rainfall or even a hurricane, and it moves certain termites to find their own location for a new colony. When more than one termite population is present at a single time, they can create a network of damage that appears to be superficial issues to the untrained eye.

Because termites spend their time eating away at properties from the inside, they can create issues with foundations, walls, and ceilings. These areas can become hollow, weak, and even deteriorate over time. If residents ignore the signs of a possible termite problem, then they might be risking larger, more stubborn issues, as well as bigger and more expensive damage. For more information on termite control in Land O' Lakes, call EcoTech today.

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