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If city access with stunning gulf views sounds like a good way to live, East Lake is for you! This medium-sized city is situated near two major cities, tucked in next to Lake Tarpon, and is noted for its family-friendly neighborhoods and good schools. East Lake also boasts a humid climate that is mild throughout most of the year but that peaks in temperature during the summer months. And while this might make for outdoor adventures year-round for humans, it’s also an ideal breeding ground for pests of many kinds. 

Since 2013, EcoTech Pest Control Services has been serving the greater Tampa area with environmentally friendly pest control services that they can trust. Our locally-owned company was founded on the ideals of providing clients with unmatched attention, proactive communication, premier customer service, and professionalism that we're proud of. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we look forward to helping you live a pest-free life for with our effective Pinellas County pest control services.

We know how detrimental it can be to have pests living in your home. The damage they cause can sometimes be monetary and sometimes they impact your health. Either way, it’s our belief that you shouldn’t be bothered with them at all. At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we offer both proactive and reactive pest control services, so no matter the situation, we can help you. When you choose EcoTech Pest Control Services, this is what you can expect:

  • Home exterior inspection. Our team inspects the exterior of your home for any potential problems or pest-conducive conditions.
  • Removal. We remove things like wasp nests and spiderwebs that are within reach as part of your regular service.
  • Yard inspection. Many pests find their way into your home via the yard so we’ll inspect your yard to ensure there are no infestations that are arising.
  • Entry point inspection. Pests also find their way into your home via cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior foundation, so we’ll go over this in the smallest of detail.
  • Home interior inspection. Lastly, we comb over the inside of your home and walls for signs of any infestations and any conditions that might be primed for pest problems.
  • Report. Because we pride ourselves on our level of communication, homeowners will be provided with a detailed report of our findings.

We encourage our clients to enroll in regular services to prevent any issues from arising, and we offer service inspections on a basis that fits your schedule so we can look for termites, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, wildlife, and more. And we stand by our work. At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that’s something you won’t find anywhere else. If a pest problem returns between your regularly scheduled service visits, our expert technicians will return to take care of your problem, so rest assured, you’re in capable hands. Contact us today to get started on residential pest control services in East Lake today!


What Is The Most Effective Rodent Control Method In East Lake?

The most effective way to control rodents in your East Lake home or business is with professional assistance from EcoTech Pest Control Services. Rodents are a difficult pest to get rid of for a few reasons that you should be aware of:

  • They multiply rapidly, as each female mouse can produce up to 35 offspring in a year.
  • Their droppings, urination, and saliva can carry diseases and pathogens like salmonella.
  • They carry other pests like fleas, ticks, and bed bugs.

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, contact us right away. We'll eliminate the infestation and help you to prevent rodents from returning. 

bed bug

Here's Why Bed Bugs Are Harmful To East Lake Residents 

Bed bugs are one of the most misidentified pests due to their secretive behavior, which means that you may have a bed bug infestation and not even know it. Bed bugs are harmful to your health in that they feed off of any mammal leaving behind itchy, painful red welts, they can irritate allergies or cause new ones, and people who live in homes infested with bed bugs have reported increased anxiety and lack of sleep. At the first sign of bed bugs, call the professional team at EcoTech Pest Control Services to keep your home or business safe with our East Lake bed bug control services. 

Commercial Pest Control In East Lake, FL

We know that when your business suffers from a pest problem it can cost your business a lot more than money. That is why we work hand-in-hand with local businesses such as: schools, restaurants, assisted living facilities, government buildings, and warehouses to keep your staff and your customers safe. When we work with businesses, the process is simple: we inspect, treat, and follow up on your case in a seamless way to cause as little interruption as possible while producing the best results.

And at EcoTech Pest Control Services, we offer our commercial clients on-call emergency services so that you can have peace of mind and carry on about your business. So if you’re a business dealing with bed bugs, termites, stinging insects, rodents, or other pests, give us a call for effective commercial pest control in East Lake.

Why Fumigation Is The Perfect Solution For Many East Lake Pests

Termites, bed bugs, and roaches, oh my! There are all sorts of creepy crawlies here in East Lake. Not only do these pests pose significant problems to people, but they can also inflict a great deal of property damage, resulting in costly repairs.

Smaller infestations from one of these pests probably won’t look like much at first. However, it never takes long for these pests to spiral out of control. Even small insects can become big problems in large numbers, becoming almost impossible to remove using traditional methods alone.

Thankfully, the knowledgeable team behind EcoTech is anything but a traditional pest control provider. We’re extremely well-versed in pest removal of all kinds, including whole-house treatments like fumigation.

Home fumigation services can help you reclaim your home from ingrained infestations involving dangerous pests. Our company specializes in drywood termite removal, which can be almost impossible to remove using other types of methods.

We provide two separate services for residential fumigation: vault fumigation and whole-house tent fumigation. While you can rely on vault treatments to remove pests from specific pieces of furniture, you can turn to whole-house treatments for near-instant, whole-home relief.

Learn more about fumigation from our professional team by calling our nearest office.  

How To Tell East Lake Mosquitoes To Buzz Off

Sick and tired of dealing with mosquitoes? You’re certainly not alone. Nearly one in nine people say it’s their most hated insect, especially due to their itchy bites.

Fortunately, getting rid of mosquitoes around your East Lake yard doesn’t have to be an impossible task. You can start with some prevention steps to keep them at bay, then follow up with a treatment to keep it that way.

Let’s begin with some prevention steps:

  • Remove all puddles of standing water, including bird baths, ponds, and fountains. If you can’t (or don’t want to) remove these water sources from your home, consider treating them with mosquito-bacterial tablets instead.
  • Keep your grass cut short and your bushes trimmed low. This is a great way to get rid of shady patches (and, therefore, extra mosquito harborage zones).
  • Control the number of flowering plants you put around the house. Large amounts of nectar may attract large numbers of mosquitoes, which may run contrary to your population reduction efforts.

Once you’ve applied all the above to your yard, you can get in touch with EcoTech for mosquito treatments in East Lake. We offer quick and simple mosquito treatments for a pest-free lawn. You can give us a call to chat about options alongside our seasoned team. 

Five Warning Signs Your East Lake Home Has Termites

The East Lake area is prone to termite activity, especially species like drywood termites. These silent destroyers can sneak into almost any house, wreaking havoc on structures and other wooden structures along the way.

But how do you know if you have a termite problem? Is there a way to spot their activity before it’s too late?

Let’s take a look at five different warning signs indicating that your East Lake home has a termite problem:

  • Hollow-sounding wood when tapped
  • Strange clicking or tapping sounds echoing from the walls
  • Sagging walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Mud tunnels running up or down the walls

If you think or know you’ve seen one of these signs in your home, we invite you to reach out to EcoTech at your earliest convenience. We offer full-service inspections to catch termites in the act, then provide a list of treatment options to remedy the situation.

Call now to request a termite inspection or our termite control services.

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    Our technicians stay updated on the latest pest control techniques. With personalized attention and ongoing excellence, expect lasting results for your home or business.
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    Our team prioritizes cleanliness and safety, never overbooking to ensure quality. With us, your property gets the care it deserves, every time. Experience peace of mind with EcoTech Pest Control Services.
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    Our methods prioritize the environment and offer long-term results. With free inspections and a satisfaction guarantee, trust us for effective solutions that last.

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