One of the most satisfying feelings is to arrive home after a long day of working or running errands after completing all the tasks on your checklist. You can go inside, put on your comfy clothes, turn on the TV, and relax for the evening after a satisfying day. On the other hand, relaxation evades you when you have missed deadlines and necessary tasks remain uncompleted. When those days occur, you feel drained, frustrated, and like a cloud is hanging over you. If we had an option, we all want every day to be a time of complete satisfaction. 

Even when you have one of those days when you have accomplished everything necessary, discovering drywood termites or powder post beetles in your home changes everything. Instead of fretting about the damage these and other pests cause, take action and secure fumigation services in Tampa from EcoTech. 

Fumigating a house is not an easy task. You need a company with a decade of experience founded with attention to detail and excellence. While anyone can make that statement, our QualityPro certification proves our commitment to quality. Only 3% of pest control companies in the United States have earned this high-level certification. When you use a QualityPro Certified company like EcoTech, you get a firm that meets and exceeds 15 local, state, and Federal regulations, has certified, background-checked employees, and implements Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions. When our Green Pro Specialists arrive to fumigate your home, you have the best in the pest control business.

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powderpost beetle damage

Types Of Pests Targeted By Professional Fumigation Services

Before we examine which pests our fumigation service targets, let's answer the question, "What is fumigation?". Fumigation is carefully sealing a house with a tent and filling the space with the precise amount of gas needed to eradicate the pest. 

Due to the technical nature of fumigation and the expertise required, many pest control companies opt for traditional spray treatments. While this method works when the infestation is in an isolated accessible area, it is ineffective when termites are throughout the home because we cannot always get the products into out-of-reach places.

What pests often require fumigation? Our fumigation process targets these pests:

  • Drywood termites
  • Powder post beetles
  • Old house borers

Please continue reading to learn why we recommend fumigation for these creatures.

For some types of these bugs, termite fumigation is the one we most often perform. There are many types of termites, but the ones that require fumigation to eradicate are drywood termites. Unlike subterranean termites that live in soil near rotting wood, these termites infest dry wood. They do not travel between their nest and food source because they build their homes inside the wood. While subterranean termites need moisture in the soil to stay alive, drywood termites receive their moisture requirements from the humid air penetrating the wood. Once drywood termites invade timber, they do not need to exit.

How do you know if you have drywood termites? Look for pinholes in wood with sawdust-like piles near the openings. These piles are feces of drywood termites kicked out of their tunnels as they chew through the wood. In the spring, flying reproductive drywood termites exit the wood to begin new colonies nearby. If you see what appears to be flying ants near outdoor lights or windows in the evening or early morning hours, these pests may be inside your Tampa home. When they find a suitable location to begin a new colony, they land and discard their wings. If you suspect drywood termites are in your house, search for abandoned wings on window sills and near doorways.

Powder post beetles are another wood-destroying insect. After the larvae hatch from eggs, they bore narrow tunnels in nearby wood where they live as they develop. Once they mature, the adult beetle chews its way out of the wood. Tiny holes with a white powder outside the wood indicate a powder post-beetle infestation.

Drywood termites are our top wood-destroying insect, powder post beetles are second, and the third place goes to old house borers. These insects have 5/8 to 1-inch brownish-black bodies with two shiny "knobs" behind their heads. Like other wood-boring insects on our list, old house borers are rarely seen but remain hidden inside wood. As their name suggests, these beetles infest older wood structures and bore into softwoods like spruce, pine, and fir.

Because these live inside wood, which shelters them from traditional spray methods, you need to use a gas that can penetrate the wood in the house. EcoTech has the tools and experience to provide pest control fumigation for your home. 

The Science Behind Fumigation: How It Works To Eliminate Pests

Fumigation uses gas to eliminate wood-boring pests that live in impossible-to-reach areas. Once we tent a home, we fill it with Vikane®. This product has been used over the last 55 years to fumigate over two million private, commercial, and public locations. Vikane® is a colorless, odorless, and nonflammable product that penetrates every crevice in the home.

The primary ingredient in Vikane® is sulfuryl fluoride, which reduces oxygen uptake in the insect eggs hidden in the wood, thus killing the next generation. Furthermore, it disrupts the metabolism of hatched insects by preventing them from metabolizing fats, thus reducing their energy and killing them. Identifying the pest infesting your Tampa home by one of our Green Pro Specialists determines the amount of Vikane® or the amount of time we keep the gas in the house.

Once the precise gas amount fills the home and eliminates the wood-destroying pests, we open the tent vents and place fans to dissipate the gas. Next, we remove the tent, and you can return to your pest-free home. Fortunately, Vikane® does not leave residue on surfaces or items in your house.

Since the EPA classifies the primary ingredient in Vikane® as a restricted-use pesticide (RUP), only certified applicators can use this product. As a QualityPro Certified company, you don't need to worry because our Green Pro Specialists are certified and trained in the Vikane® application. Furthermore, per Vikane's® requirements, we undergo an annual stewardship training program.

EcoTech is a fumigation company near you that has the training, tools, certifications, and experience necessary to fumigate your Tampa home.

About The Fumigation Process: What To Expect

Fumigating your house is a massive but necessary undertaking if you want to protect your hard-earned investment from the destruction caused by wood-destroying insects. Although it may appear overwhelming, we will walk you through the preparation process. To help you understand, the following is what needs to happen before we tent and fumigate your home:

  • Make arrangements for a place to stay for your family and pets.
  • Have the gas company shut off the gas service on fumigation day.
  • Remove medications and unsealed foods from the house.
  • Provide EcoTech with the key to your home.
  • Relocate indoor and outdoor plants away from the house.
  • Cover mattresses and pillows with waterproof covers. 

Remove all pets, people, and plants from the premises and water the landscape surrounding the home before leaving to stay offsite. Also, turn off timers, heaters, air conditioning, and any other electronic devices in the house. Extinguish the water heater and furnace pilot lights, and be sure the gas company has shut off the gas. (Don't forget to schedule a restart date with the gas company.)

Although Vikane® has been used to fumigate homes and other venues for over half a century in millions of locations, it is still necessary to follow safety guidelines, which include no reentry into your house until an EcoTech green pro specialist approves. When you come home, you can restart all devices and resume living in your home.

It is worth noting that tenting an entire home is not always necessary. Sometimes, termite infestations are limited to specific furniture. In those situations, we erect a small tent over the objects and perform a vault fumigation.

Whether you need whole house fumigation or specific furniture, EcoTech is a QaulityPro Certified fumigation company with green Pro Vikane® certified specialists.

Expert Fumigation Services: Eradicating Pests With Precision And Care

If you notice sawdust-like material or white powder outside pinholes in wood, see discarded wings in window sills, or notice what appears to be flying ants around outdoor lights, contact EcoTech. We will dispatch a Green Pro Specialist to your Tampa home to inspect it and determine if wood-eating insects are slowly harming your home. 

If our trained Green Pro Specialist finds signs of a termite or wood-boring beetle invasion, we will discuss the appropriate options based on the extent of the infestation. In some cases, local spot treatments or a vault fumigation will work, but if the infestation is widespread, we have the capability and training for a complete house fumigation.

Your house is too big of an investment to allow wood-destroying insects to harm your home. Improperly or untreated infestations can result in expensive repair bills due to sagging floors, ceilings, warping windows and door frames, or collapsing structures. Contact us today to get your questions answered and schedule your free inspection.


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