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The metropolitan area around Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg is full of surprisingly beautiful country, including the town of Brandon, Florida. Brandon is a census-designated area of about 100,000 people, considered to be one of the larger cities in Hillsborough County. Today, Brandon is known for being a retirement hot spot for professional sports players and their families. Stevie and Joey Graham, Chris Gannon, and Paul Orndorff are just a few of the more well-recognized names. 

 Sports make up a large part of what makes Brandon a great place to be. However, its 'opposing teams' can be difficult, stressful, or even dangerous to manage alone. Pests are one of the biggest forces of opposition for Brandon’s home and business owners and make it almost impossible to maintain a higher quality of life. 

 For nearly a decade, EcoTech Pest Control has been Brandon’s leading force against pests and their various forms of destruction. We have been passionate about delivering excellence in treatment and management since 2013, and take extreme pride in the work we do. If you are a home or business owner in Brandon looking for sustainable, manageable, and affordable pest control in Hillsborough County, EcoTech Pest Control is ready to help. Call today to request your no-obligation quote.

Almost every homeowner in Brandon will suffer from some sort of pest activity during their lifetime. Why should they not have access to safe and affordable help along the way?

The award-winning team at EcoTech Pest Control is prepared to serve you in any capacity we can, offering a full-service residential pest control plan following six steps: 

1. Home Foundational Inspection

2. Cobweb And Nest Removal 

3. Lawn Inspection 

4. Entry Point Inspections 

5. Home Interior Inspection 

6. Finalized Pest Report

Using a combination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and low-toxicity products, EcoTech Pest Control is capable of removing any pests at any time. Give us a call today to schedule effective home pest control in Brandon, FL.

termite control service

Brandon's Easy-To-Use Guide To Termite Control

Termites are dangerous wood-eating pests that bring extreme stress to infested areas. Here in Florida, they are some of the most common household invading insect species. Not only do termites weaken industrial supports and hollow out walls, but they can engage in this activity 24/7. Homeowner insurance policies usually do not cover damages associated with termite activity, requiring out-of-pocket money from homeowners. This is one of the many reasons why termites cause over 5 billion dollars worth of damage around the world.

The vast majority of termite infestations are preventable, especially if following a vetted plan of prevention and mitigation. Use this easy guide to protect your Brandon home from wood-eating termites:

  • Eliminate as much moisture as possible from the inside and outside of the house. Look for a high-quality dehumidifier or a set of desiccant bags. 
  • Replace your landscape mulching with river rock or peat stone. 
  • If you have any new construction around the property, invest in termite prevention sprays for wooden items. This will be an invaluable asset for your home as the years go on.

Termite control programs from EcoTech Pest Control are a great way to protect your home while also protecting the local environment. Give us a call to schedule total termite control in Brandon, FL.

house mice eating a biscuit

How Did These Rodents Get Into My Brandon Home?

Rodents like rats and mice can fit through almost any entry point around the home. Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter, giving them access to almost every major room in the building. If you are currently suffering from a rodent infestation, or are concerned that you might not know about one, consider these factors:

  • Are there gaps under your doors and windows? 
  • Are there rips on your screens? 
  • Are there any kinds of cracks or fissures around the foundations of the house?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may have found some ways that rodents could access your Brandon home. Reach out to us to learn more about our complete rodent control solutions in Brandon, FL.

Commercial Pest Control In Brandon, FL

There are hundreds of businesses throughout the Brandon area, many of them suffering from pest problems that their owners cannot handle alone. Pest infestations lead to a loss of customers, capital, and consumer confidence, lowering your ability to perform. That’s why the professionals at EcoTech Pest Control offer fully adaptable plans to meet your needs. 

 Every commercial pest control plan we develop is uniquely designed, using the best of our community to serve the best of yours. We offer treatment for industries like:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Childcare Buildings 
  • Restaurants 
  • Warehouses Or Storage Units 
  • Educational Organizations

Give us a call today to schedule comprehensive commercial pest control in Brandon, FL. EcoTech Pest Control is standing by to help!

Mistakes To Avoid Attracting Wildlife In Brandon

There are many reasons why wild hogs, snakes, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife species commonly found in Brandon take over properties in Brandon. Many of them can be unintentional. Still, they can create challenges.

Here are some typical mistakes to avoid to prevent unwanted encounters:

  • Providing wildlife with food and water: Disposing of garbage in tightly sealed containers is paramount. Everything from leftovers to pet food left outdoors can attract raccoons and other scavengers. Easily accessible food waste is also a magnet for wild hogs. Ensure water sources are inaccessible as well.
  • Letting vegetation grow wild: Trimming bushes and overgrown vegetation around your property is an excellent strategy to minimize hiding spots. Tall grass and shrubs are common hotspots for snakes seeking shelter.
  • Intentionally feeding wildlife: Avoid leaving food out for wild animals intentionally, including squirrels and birds. Feeding them can encourage more of them to invade, in addition to species you might prefer to keep at bay.
  • Leaving entry points unsealed: Closing off areas wildlife might take advantage of to enter your structure can go a long way in preventing infestations. Rodents often get in through cracks in walls and foundations, while bats favor gaps in the attic.

If these preventive measures are insufficient, call EcoTech to learn about our wildlife control services, including humane trapping methods, wild swine license, and snake repellents.

Why Professional Treatment For Bed Bugs In Brandon Is Worth It

Professional treatment for bed bugs in Brandon is worth it for several reasons, including the following:

  • Experience: EcoTech has over a decade of expertise in eliminating bed bug infestation with a thorough approach and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Our systematic process includes everything from inspection and evaluation to treatments and follow-up services. We will adjust our bed bug treatments to your situation so you can sleep soundly again, this time for good.
  • Proper identification: Treating a bed bug infestation when dealing with a completely different pest wastes time and money. Our experts can distinguish bed bugs from other invaders to target the real problem.
  • Complete eradication: DIY methods have low elimination rates. They can also lead to a resurgence, causing more issues down the road. We use proven techniques to eliminate bed bugs at all life stages for guaranteed results.
  • Fewer health risks: Our Integrated Pest Management techniques are safe and effective. They are a much better choice than potentially harmful over-the-counter products.

Call EcoTech today to eliminate your bed bug infestation and avoid future problems with our top-rated prevention strategies.

The Many Pest Problems Fumigation Can Solve In Brandon

Fumigation in Brandon is an excellent solution for many local pest problems. First, it can exterminate all termites in your home by penetrating inaccessible areas like wall voids.

Beyond termites, fumigation will target other wood-destroying pests. Powder post beetles and old house borers are common invaders in the area that will not resist this broad-spectrum solution. It will take care of your wood-infesting insects and ensure a thorough elimination.

Unlike termite control methods that might require drilling and other invasive procedures, fumigation is a non-intrusive process if you prefer to preserve the integrity of your home. It also provides quick and immediate results, usually requiring just one treatment to clear your property of these destructive pests.

Are you ready for a swift resolution to your wood-destroying pest infestation? If so, call EcoTech today to tell us more about your situation and determine if fumigation is right for you.

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