Why To Call The Professionals For Snake Control In Tampa

garter snake in yard

Are you tired of snakes slithering onto your property and making you afraid to take one step into your yard? When you moved into your home, you didn't expect to get the bulk of your exercise by jumping up with each serpent sighting. And whether they're harmless or not, most people don't want scaly trespassers making themselves at home at their place.

It's a good thing that EcoTech Pest Control Services provides the most effective snake control solutions to keep snakes away from your residence, giving you the freedom to frolic throughout your yard in peace. Our knowledgeable team also offers reliable wildlife control services to keep these slinky squatters at bay. Put on your snake-proof boots, and let's discuss why Tampa pest control is the number one way to get rid of these reptiles.

Common Types Of Snakes Found Around Tampa

Tampa, FL, has some of the best weather for having fun in the sun, but unfortunately, residents are not the only ones who enjoy the favorable conditions. The area is also home to a diverse range of snake species, which include: 

  • Water moccasins (cottonmouth) – venomous
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes – venomous
  • Eastern coral snakes – venomous
  • Garter snakes – non-venomous
  • Black racers– non-venomous

It's important always to be cautious around snakes in Tampa and never attempt to handle them unless you're a trained professional. If you encounter one of these reptiles lurking around your property, keep your distance and contact a qualified wildlife removal service for assistance.

Why Homeowners Should Never Try To Catch Snakes Alone

Even though snakes play a major part in the ecosystem, encountering them on your property can still be a tremendously frightening and dangerous experience. This means you should never attempt to catch them yourself. Snakes can be unpredictable and defensive when cornered, so you risk getting bitten trying to wrangle them. And if the snake is venomous, the bite can cause great harm or even be fatal.

Additionally, most homeowners don't own the appropriate tools or equipment to catch and handle these animals safely. Snake hooks, tongs, and gloves are all necessary for safe and humane snake handling. But even if you have the proper equipment, catching a snake requires the expertise of professional wildlife removal specialists with the knowledge and training regarding these reptiles. For the safety of you and your family, leave the snake control to experienced technicians in your area.

Benefits Of Professional Snake Control Over DIY

If there's one situation you don't want to use do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to resolve, it's dealing with a snake problem. Enlisting the services of a reputable wildlife control company has so many benefits; they're almost too many to list. So, we'll provide you with some of the best reasons why professional snake control is way better than DIY:

  • They have the training, knowledge, and appropriate resources.
  • They use the necessary protective gear to ensure their safety.
  • They're highly trained to minimize the risk of getting injured.
  • They understand and use humane techniques to remove them.
  • They're familiar with the laws and regulations governing ethical and legal handling and removal.

Therefore, if snakes are around your property, bypass the DIY and contact your local wildlife and home pest control company right away.

Call EcoTech Today For Snake Control Services Around Tampa

At EcoTech Pest Control Services, we understand how stressful it is when nuisance wildlife trespass onto your property. We also know how terrifying it could be when those intruders are snakes. That's why we offer quick and effective wildlife control to get rid of these reptiles so you can go back to enjoying your outdoor living spaces free of worry. We've been providing unparalleled service since 2013 and continue to do so. Reach out to us today to request your free quote!