Bed Bugs In Tampa: What You Should Know

bed bug on a pillow

In 2021 there was a survey of the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities. Guess where Tampa landed — 18th place. As shocking as this placement may be for Tampa residents, it shouldn’t be too far-fetched to some, as the city is a major tourist attraction bringing people in from all over the world. And with more and more people traveling, your likelihood of getting bed bugs in your home increases drastically.

But as a Tampa resident, your home doesn’t have to succumb to bed bugs, and it starts with education. Talk to professionals. If you think you may have bed bugs or simply want to know more about them, reach out to your local Tampa pest control experts for bed bug control services and information. 

The Life Cycle Of The Tampa Bed Bug

Just as many insects start out as eggs, so do bed bugs. They go through five nymph molting stages before reaching adulthood as they grow bigger. Take a look at the seven stages of bed bugs, from egg to nymph to adult, and note their size for each stage.

  1. Egg: 1mm (creamy white in color)
  2. Nymph Stage 1: 1.5 mm long
  3. Nymph Stage 2: 2 mm long
  4. Nymph Stage 3: 2.5mm long
  5. Nymph Stage 4: 3 mm long
  6. Nymph Stage 5: 4.5 mm long
  7. Adult: 5.5 mm

One of the biggest myths about bed bugs is that they’re too small to see. Well, based on their sizes from egg to adulthood, you’d be able to see them on your mattress as they are comparable to the size of an apple seed, and the moment you do see them, call EcoTech Pest Control immediately. 

How Can I Tell If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

It’s common to ask the question, ‘how do you know if you have bed bugs?’ In many cases, you’ll see the signs before the actual bed bugs. When checking for bed bugs, be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs:

  • Itchy, red welts or raised bumps somewhat lined up in a row
  • Bloodstains on your bedding or mattress
  • Actual bed bugs
  • Brown smear marks on your bedding or mattress
  • Fecal matter
  • Odd smell

If you notice two or more of these signs, you more than likely have a bed bug infestation in your home. Contacting your local pest control for bed bugs should be your first course of action.

5 Tips For Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs don’t just appear in your home out of nowhere; they live in man-made structures. So, in other words, you bring them into your home; Of course, not on purpose, but that’s how bed bugs travel from house to house. Here are a few prevention methods to implement:

  1. Check all beds when traveling.
  2. Use mattress covers at home.
  3. Regularly wash all bedding and sheets.
  4. Regularly check for bed bugs.
  5. Keep clothes, linens, and pillows off the floor.

Be proactive with bed bug prevention using the above prevention methods.

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Home

Bed bugs can be completely avoided with proper inspection habits when traveling, but sometimes you forget, which, in turn, leads to bed bugs; and that’s okay. Bed bug control services are the only way to keep them out of your home.

Here at EcoTech Pest Control Services, we have years of experience treating bed bug infestations. We’ll take every precaution to safely remove the bed bugs from your home with eco-friendly methods. Give us a call today for bed bug control for your Tampa home.