How To Tell If Your Tampa, FL Property Has A Termite Problem

termites infesting a tampa home

It’s promising if you don’t spot any insects or creatures around your Tampa, FL property. However, there are never any guarantees. Many pests can sneak by, create a nest, and thrive for long periods unnoticed. It’s possible you won’t see them until there’s significant upheaval. When it comes to termites, lots of folks find themselves in a dire predicament.

Termites are wood-eating insects that generate a big bill for Americans. Every single year, a collective $5 billion is spent trying to deter these bugs. This amount also factors in recuperation costs. Insurance companies typically don’t offer support for those who are affected. Therefore, it’s wise to get familiar with infestation indicators. Learn them and find out how EcoTech Pest Control Services can help. 

What Are Termite Infestation Signs? What Are the Risks?

An essential thing to understand about termites is that their colonies feature workers, soldiers, and swarmers. There’s variation in size and color across subspecies, but the prevailing workers in this area are grayish-white or white and 0.12 of an inch. As they focus on taking wood apart, soldiers stay vigilant protecting them. Sometimes yellow-brown, they use their bulky mandibles to attack if needed. They also have rectangular heads. Both of these sectors reside in the soil and are active inside of walls. Swarmers have a different pattern. The yellow, black, or brown bugs are ½ of an inch long. When a nest is packed, they fly out to start a new one and mate. Since they are drawn to light, keep your eyes on lamps and windows. Given their visibility, swarmers are a chief sign of infestation. Additional markers are:

  • Discovering the discarded wings of swarmers; they’re translucent and scaly
  • Finding masses of fecal frass by termite mud tubes, maze patterns, and holes
  • Having hollow-sounding walls
  • Hearing clicking and rustling behind walls
  • Noticing that paint is peeling and bubbling
  • Seeing that drywall is off-color and sagging
  • Tiles disengaging
  • Floorboards caving in when pressed
  • Doors and window frames being tight

When termites shred decomposing wood, it cultivates nutrients soil requires to be restored. In the end, trees and plants will be able to grow well. As ruinous as these bugs are, they contribute to the balance of the ecosystem. That element won’t provide much comfort to property owners impacted by them though. Your home or business could collapse as bases and walls deteriorate from termite damage. Someone can be beneath a post and get hurt. At the very least, you may have to consider relocating or halting your operations. In relation to health, allergic reactions have been known to occur. No diseases are associated with these pests.

How Can Termites Be Prevented?

Take these steps in an effort to guard your dwelling from termites:

  • Get rid of or refurbish decaying or spoiled wood
  • Repair moisture dysfunctions and leaks immediately; start with those dampening wood
  • Close up openings in caulk, utility lines, and foundations
  • Attach screens to all exterior vents
  • Flush out vents and gutters often
  • Distance woodpiles and plants from the property
  • Avoid putting loose wood, such as lumber, on the soil
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis
  • Have annual professional inspections by EcoTech Pest Control Services

What Can EcoTech Pest Control Services Do About Termites?

Only industrial solutions can eliminate a termite colony. You won’t find what EcoTech Pest Control Services has in a retail store. Our expert technicians will properly identify species and nests, and select an appropriate, safe treatment. Options include preventative and localized avenues, fumigation, Termidor HE, baits, and more. Wood-destroying organism inspection reports are also available. Call us today at EcoTech Pest Control Services!