There are many common misconceptions about bed bugs. These insects have earned quite a reputation. But not everything you've heard about them is true. Today, we're going to look at a few facts you might think are true about bed bugs. Some are. Some aren't. See if you can tell which is which.

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Can Bed Bugs Become Immune To Pest Control Sprays?

There is an idea circulating that bed bugs can become superbugs. If you spray your home to exterminate bed bugs, the myth is that the bed bugs will shed their skins and create new skins that protect them from the chemicals. Do you think this is true? This one is actually true. Bed bug nymphs can shed their skins and create new skins that protect them from harmful chemicals found in their environment. When professionals use synthetic insecticides to exterminate bed bugs, they must use more than one product and apply the products strategically to prevent bed bugs from surviving the treatments. 

Do Bed Bugs Come Out Every Night To Feed On You?

Have you heard that bed bugs are nocturnal bugs that come out every night to feed on you? What do you think? Is this true? There is a lot of confusion about how often bed bugs feed and what time of day they feed. When you wake up in the morning and keep finding bites on your skin, you may think bed bugs are attacking you every night. This may not be the case. It can take days for your body to react to bed bug bites. When bites start to appear, they could be several days old.

Researchers have found that there are many factors that determine how often bed bugs will feed. These insects can actually go days without feeding. This is important to understand, particularly if you lay traps for them or treat areas to exterminate them. It is possible to find a few dead bed bugs and think your infestation has been corrected because bed bugs could stay hidden several days after you catch a few of them. This can lead you to a false sense of security and allow bed bugs to continue to grow a population in your home.

It is also important to understand that bed bugs can bite you in the day and when you're not sleeping. If you make it difficult for these insects to feed on you while you're sleeping, it is likely that they'll find another time of day to get a meal. All that is required is darkness. Bed bugs avoid the light. But, given only ten minutes of darkness, a bed bug can get a blood meal.

Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Dirty Homes Or Dirty People?

Have you been told that you can prevent a bed bug infestation by keeping your home clean? What do you think? Is this true? Bed bugs are attracted to several things, but bacteria and dirt aren't on the list. They're drawn to the scent of the oils on your skin, the carbon dioxide you breathe out, and the heat from your body. They don't care if you are clean or dirty. 

Bed bugs also don't care if your home is clean or dirty. While keeping a clean home can help you detect these insects more easily, bed bugs don't select a home that is dirty. In fact, they don't select a home at all. These insects spread by passive dispersal. They're picked up and moved from one area and deposited in another. They don't come into your home from your yard.

Are Bed Bugs Microscopic Insects?

If you're getting bites and you've spent hours looking for bed bugs, you may start thinking that bed bugs are invisible to the naked eye. What do you think? Are bed bugs microscopic insects? They're pretty small, but they're not microscopic. Many Tampa residents think bed bugs are small like dust mites. They're not. A bed bug is 1mm long when it hatches from its egg and grows to be about 4.5 mm. The skin of a bed bug nymph is also somewhat transparent, which can make these insects even more difficult to see when they first hatch. If you have bed bugs in your Tampa home, you'll be able to see them when you uncover a hiding place. Unfortunately, the places these bugs hide are often places you can't easily get into, such as underneath a carpet, in a wall outlet, or inside a wall void.

Are Bed Bugs Only Found Near Beds?

This is the last one. What do you think? Are bed bugs only found inside or near beds? Every Tampa business owner should know the answer to this one. Businesses that don't have beds can still have bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can establish themselves in any business where people sit and where there is a cover of darkness.

Bed Bug Control In Tampa

If you're having issues with bed bugs in your Tampa home or business, we can help you resolve your bed bug issue. Our technicians are highly trained and fully licensed professionals. We know what is required to get control of these bugs. Reach out to us today for assistance.


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