American cockroaches go by a few names. Some refer to these roaches as water bugs. This is because they can be found hanging out near water sources. Some refer to them as flying water bugs because, on a hot humid day, they can take to the air. Some refer to them as palmetto bugs. They are commonly found hiding under palmetto leaves. But names can be misleading. While American cockroaches hang out near water, they're not clean insects. Though they're happy living under a palm frond, they're also found living in sewers and dumpsters. And, perhaps the most surprising fact about American cockroaches is that they're not native to America! These are African roaches that made their way to America aboard ships. Let's take a few minutes today to clear up a few more misunderstandings about these common Tampa pests.

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American Cockroaches Are Not Beetles

There are many beetles that live in Tampa yards. They live in the dirt but rarely come in contact with "dirty" things. This is because beetles don't feed on trash and feces. American cockroaches do. So you shouldn't think for a second that the roaches in your house are just like beetles. They are far from it.

American Cockroaches Don't Just Eat Food

You may think that you can get control of these pests by keeping your food sealed in plastic containers or by keeping your home spotless. While these are certainly helpful roach-prevention tips, they won't stop American cockroaches from living in your home. Roaches feed on many things that you would not consider to be food. We already mentioned one. American cockroaches can feed on feces. They'll also feed on hair, dead skin, toothpaste, wallpaper paste, wallpaper, books, paper documents, cardboard, dead insects inside your walls, and more. Protecting your food and keeping things clean inside your home can help to stunt cockroach populations and protect you from cockroach-related diseases, but you're not going to arrest an American cockroach infestation with these methods alone.

How Do You Stop A Water Bug?

When considering DIY American cockroach control, one of the most important methods you can use is moisture management. It is impossible to hide all their "food," but you can make your Tampa home dry enough to significantly deter these roaches. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Fix leaks. A showerhead, faucet, garbage disposal or pipe leak can create the conditions American cockroaches prefer.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom. When you take a shower or a bath, it is essential to vent the moisture from your home.

  • If you have areas of your home that stay humid, install a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity. American cockroaches won't like this at all. 

Cockroach Bait Isn't An Easy Fix For American Cockroaches

When these large roaches are found in Tampa homes, residents often turn to bait as the solution. While baits can certainly work to get control of these roaches, it often fails. Here are a few reasons:

  • Roaches can develop bait aversion. If they sense that a food source is killing off their population, they'll start avoiding it.

  • When the wrong bait is used, American cockroaches will simply ignore it.

  • If liquid bait is applied in a sunny area, it can melt and become ineffective.

One Method Isn't Enough

We could go down a long list of methods Tampa residents use to get control of American cockroaches and discuss the positives and negatives, but what is most important to understand is that one method is rarely enough. Sanitation is key, but it won't get the job done on its own. Moisture control is powerful, but not enough to stop roaches from continuing to enter your home in search for food resources. Sealing entry points will help keep American cockroaches out, but it is nearly impossible to seal all the entry points these insects can use to get into your home.

Not only is it necessary to use more than one method, it is essential to use more than one pest control product when dealing with these pests. American cockroaches are born with the ability to survive exposure to chemicals. This can cause conventional treatments to fail. It is always best to have a licensed pest management technician address an American cockroach infestation. Products need to be carefully selected and appropriately applied to achieve the greatest chance of success.

Trusted American Cockroach Control In Tampa

When you see large brown roaches in your Tampa home, save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by reaching out to EcoTech Pest Control for assistance. Our service team uses Integrated Pest Management and the latest technologies to get control of these and other pest cockroaches. Connect with us today to schedule service for your Tampa home. We can help.


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