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EcoTech's Termite Services 

EcoTech's Termite Services

Termites can be described as some of the worst types of pests any property owner can be harboring around. These pests can quickly ruin any wooden structure from the inside out resulting to hundreds of dollars worth of property damages. Perhaps the worst part is that these pests are extremely difficult to detect at its early stages. The only time that such issues become readily apparent is when the problem has become fairly extensive and most of the damage has already been done. EcoTech Pest Control Services, Inc. specializes in the latest and most effective strategies and methodologies in termite extermination and prevention.

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Did you know?

•Your Homeowner's Insurance does NOT cover termite damage.

•Damage caused by termites in the U.S. is greater than that of fires, storms, and floods combined.

•Over 2 million homes a year receive repairs due to termite damage.

•Regardless of the age of your home, where it's located, or how it's constructed, it is susceptible to termite damage.

•Termites feed on wood... homes are made primarily of wood.

•There are millions of termites in a single colony.

•Termites are masters at avoiding detection; most homeowners do not know they have them until they have already caused serious damage and it is too late!

Liquid Treatments

The fastest, most proven method of eliminating a termite infestation is liquid treatment using a revolutionary, non-repellent termiticide called Termidor. Unlike old-fashioned "chemical barrier" treatments, Termidor is undetectable to termites. They can't see, smell, or taste it, so they travel freely through the soil, eventually transferring the material to the rest of the termites in the nest and killing the entire colony.

The termiticide is applied to the soil around the perimeter of your home by trenching and rodding the soil adjacent to the foundation, and drilling all expansion joints in areas such as patios and porches. Drilling may also be performed inside the home around the perimeter of the slab, around cracks, and around plumbing penetrations. This will prevent termites from tunneling up or under the slab into the structure. In areas where drilling is impractical, foam treatments into wall voids are performed instead.

Monitoring and Baiting

In general, we believe that Termidor's long record of 100% elimination, plus it's continuing residual effectiveness even after the initial colony has been eliminated, make it the best choice for most of our customers. But sometimes it makes sense to use termite monitoring and baiting, either as an adjunct to liquid treatment or as a primary treatment method. In addition, some customers prefer the baiting approach to liquid treatment for environmental reasons.

When using termite monitoring and baiting systems, monitoring stations are installed around the perimeter of your home and periodically inspected. If termites are found inside the stations, a treatment is performed. The treatment may be a liquid treatment or be a bait treatment, depending on the individual situation and the customer's preferences. Bait treatments for termites are most suitable for situations in which drilling is impractical, when liquid termiticides can't be used because of water wells on the property or because of local regulations, or in extremely sandy soil. It's also an option for people who simply don't want holes drilled on their property, or who feel more comfortable with non-liquid treatments.