Drywood Termite Treatments

No-Tent Termite Control – Localized spot treatments serve as a cost effective way of addressing a minor termite infestation. This method is often ideal if it is determined that the termite activity is isolated or confined to a specific detectable and accessible area. EcoTech’s trained professionals will analyze any evidence of Drywood Termites and determine if this is a simple problem or one that requires a more in depth treatment.

  • No need to move out of your home
  • Less expensive option
  • Targeted application
  • No bagging of food or medicine

Tent Fumigation – We provide structural fumigation to eliminate drywood termites, powderpost beetles, old house borers and other pests. Fumigation allows us to treat every part of your home, even those areas that may be covered with drywall or plaster or located in distant corners of your attic and eaves.

In addition, we offer vault fumigation to eliminate pests in furniture, wood and other items where fumigation of the entire structure is not necessary.

  • Eliminates 100% of drywood termites
  • Moves through all wood to reach every termite
  • Leaves behind no odor or surface residue
  • Proven effective in more than 3 million homes

Preventative Treatments – The exposed bare wood in the attic or crawlspace may be treated with a natural borate salt to protect against future drywood termites as well as other wood destroying pests. Because the active ingredient will not break down, it will provide long-lasting wood protection and residual performance.