Commercial Services

Protecting your Business and the Environment

Just one pest can have a financial impact on your business, but a larger infestation could cripple your operation’s reputation. And since a few pests can multiply quickly once inside, trying to prevent them from getting in is the key. That’s where we come in: from eradicating any existing pests to securing entry points and removing food their and water supply, we have an existing plan to keep your company pest free.

Our Commercial Protection Plans Include The Following Guarantees:

  • commercialTo Protect Your Brand, Reputation, and Employees
  • To Protect the Integrity of Your Facility, Products and Services
  • Rapid Response to Service Calls (on-site Solution within 6 hours)
  • To Reduce Pesticide Use and Risk
  • To Exceed Customer Expectations

Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee to keep your facility free of pests specified in your contractual agreement. We have an on call emergency response service operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those out of hour emergencies, giving you the peace of mind to continue business as usual. We guarantee to respond to your call within 2 hours and provide an on-site solution within 6 hours.

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Industries We Service

EcoTech has experience servicing almost every industry in the commercial arena, so we understand that each facility has its own special needs, challenges and pressures. That is why we develop a customized solution for every facility we service.

  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • Food/Beverage Processing
  • Government/Education>
  • Healthcare/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Lodging/Hospitality
  • Retail/Shopping Centers
  • Warehousing/Distribution

Other Industries – Whatever your requirements may be, we can design a custom program to keep your business pest-free, while having the least impact on your customers and the environment.

LEED AIB food safety USDA

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Considering a New Pest Control Partner? Why Choose EcoTech?

Pest control is an investment. From devising the right pest control plan to assisting with audits, it’s important to know that your pest control partner takes its commitment to creating a pest-free environment seriously. When working with new clients, EcoTech encounters a few common triggers that lead to a change in a new pest control partner:

  • Pest problems are not going away
  • Technician changes impact service
  • A company’s technician is not up to par

With new clients, EcoTech takes a consultative approach, because every pest problem is different. Be sure your pest control vendor takes time to fully understand your situation – from prevalent pests to audit concerns. Ask about their quality control process, and the longevity of their pest control technician team, and whether they have access to entomologists or pest specific specialists to assist with emerging pest trends. These factors can serve as early indicators of the pest control quality you can anticipate.

Commercial Solutions

raccoon in cageEcoTech’s expert team has experience serving a broad range of commercial industries and providing pest management services for virtually every pest. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) and our commercial protection services include:

  • Bed Bug Detection/Elimination
  • Bird Control
  • Exclusion Services
  • Fly Management/Drain Service
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Staff Training
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Termite Control
  • Termite Pretreats
  • Wildlife Services

Today’s Technology

The latest in industry technology is utilized to capture data and record your service technician’s findings and any applications he or she may have made. This allows complete service transparency including: pest captures, product usage, sanitation and structural conditions, trend analysis and more. Best of all, this information is coupled with EcoTech’s secure online customer portal making all of this data available online with just a few keystrokes! The reduction in paper can also be used to your benefit if seeking LEED certification!

  • Audit Protection
  • Record Keeping
  • Online Account Access
  • Digital Logbook
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • On Site Training

IPM and LEED Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating SystemTM is a third party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Companies earn LEED credits by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to follow LEED certification guidelines.

The impact of going green and living green is hard to deny and becoming more popular among businesses and new construction. Green initiatives can greatly improve the success and reputation of a business. In addition, government buildings are subject to LEED building standards that are changing the game in both construction and maintenance – not to mention pest control.

Reducing the environmental impact of your facility’s indoor and outdoor pest control efforts through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a relatively easy way to obtain 2 credits toward the LEED “Existing Building Operations and Maintenance” certification:

  1. Indoor Environmental Quality. EQ Credit 3.9: Indoor Pest Management

  2. Sustainable Sites. SS Credit 3: Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management Plan (This category refers to outdoor integrated pest management that must be combined with indoor pest management programs.)

LEEDEcoTech’s IPM Program includes:

  • Inspection
  • Sanitation
  • Mechanical control
  • Exclusion
  • Cultural control
  • Biological control
  • Least-toxic materials, as required when other alternatives have been explored
  • Ongoing evaluations

Let EcoTech’s “Green Certified” pest control experts keep your LEED building protected from pests.